What is the Rams' Biggest Area of Need Entering the Draft?

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Do the Rams need to draft the best wide receiver, or go after a top rated offensive lineman? Let's not forget the need to fortify the back end of the defense with a play-making safety. Or how about a reboot at the quarterback position at the top of the draft? Insert screams for (or against) Johnny Football right here!

Experts and fans alike have been discussing how the Rams should approach the upcoming NFL Draft. Do the Rams take the best player available? How about trading down from the 2nd overall pick, or even trading up from 13? There is one question that takes precedence over all others. What is the Rams' biggest area of need?

The great thing about this forum is everyone gets to voice their opinions, which creates some great dialogue. Some fans claim that St. Louis should take one of the top offensive tackle available in the draft.

While there are questions about Jake Long’s durability - and Joe Barksdale's ability to duplicate his 2013 success at right tackle - offensive tackle is not a top priority, at least in my opinion. However, I am on board with the Rams drafting Greg Robinson and using him at guard to begin his career. According to Rivals.com, Robinson was a 4 star recruit at guard coming out of high school.

The Ravens had great success with a similar strategy. Jonathan Ogden began his Hall of Fame career at guard before becoming a linchpin at left tackle for the Baltimore Ravens.

Others believe the Rams need to solidify their receiver crops with another dynamic play-maker. Sammy Watkins and Mike Evans are the most highly touted receivers in this draft. Both have the talent to upgrade practically all 32 receiving corps in the NFL. The thought of Tavon Austin, Chris Givens (the 2012 version), and Sammy Watkins or Mike Evans is enough to bring a smile to the majority of Rams fans, and a grimace to the face of defensive coordinators around the league.

There are even some people who think quarterback may actually be a position of need, not only in terms of depth, but for a new starter. To be perfectly honest, I tend to go back and forth on this issue. I understand the "lets draft Johnny Manziel" crowd. Conversely, I’ve been an on-again, off-again member of the lynch mob that is constantly after Sam Bradford. Truth be told, Bradford was on pace to rank 4th in the league with 32 touchdowns and only nine picks. Let’s give him another year to prove he can find a way to stay healthy and lead the Rams to the playoffs.

The hot button topic for the majority of both fans and pundits is the safety position. Safety is arguably the weakest link on defense. It’s almost a sure bet that Ha Ha Clinton-Dix or Calvin Pryor will don a blue and gold jersey this fall.

Thankfully, the Rams’ two first round picks will give them the opportunity to address any perceived weaknesses on the roster. What do you think is the Rams’ biggest area of need?

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