Have The 49er's Peaked?

and to be truthful it happened in 2012. The results speak for themselves:

2010: 6-10

2011: 13-3, lost NFC Championship Game

2012: 11-4-1, lost Super Bowl (their peak)

2013: 12-4, lost NFC Championship Game

Then you have this:


'Kaepernick Looking For $18 Million Per Year' combined with ' Kaepernick Under Police Investigation / Doing Bongs / Possible Date Rape' with

'Aldon Smith Received Stab Wounds At Party / Arrested for DUI, Possession of Marijuana / Possession of Assault Weapons / Making Bomb Threats at LAX' with

'Quinton Patton under investigation with Kaepernick' / Doing Bongs / Possible Date Rape' with

"Ahmad Brooks Strikes Teammate Lamar Divens In Head With Beer Bottle' with

'Demarcus Dobbs Arrested for Drink Driving / Crash / Possessing Marijuana' with

'Chris Culliver Arrested for Hit and Run / Weapons Charges / Makes Anti-Gay statements' with

'Al Netter 49er Lineman Charged With DUI' etc etc etc

Which I think has all happened in the last 12-18 months. You could also include Ray McDonald if you wanted to go back further. Seriously if this keeps up will they have any players left? Could they possibly give Kaepernick a large contract now? Would they want to give a pot-head who already has trouble finding his secondary receiver on every play - which coincidentally seems more likely to happen if the guy throwing the ball likes getting stoned or is stoned during meetings or study time. "Yeah coach, I'll take the playbook home hehe'........... - a huge contract? Would they want to extend his contract at all? There's also photos of Kap hanging out with 'The Game' a gangsa-rappa who sings about the joys of dealing crack and beating up women except he uses words which rhyme with 'snows' and 'ditches'.

We keep talking about the Rams getting a young QB 'to groom' but what about the Niners? It just flashed on me that they could also be in the market for a young QB especially when their starting QB and a lot of their other players seem prone to getting arrested. I cannot see this mess doing well in 2014 which means I'm almost starting to believe (which I always do pre-season) the Rams could finally do better than this group of low-life scum led by (coincidentally again? You make the call) the most hated coach in the NFL.


Would you let this man into your house?


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