Not Another (Mock Draft)

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Here we go again. Can I get it right on the fourth try?

2. Greg Robinson

Look, I get it. When you're looking at Jadeveon Clowney or Sammy Watkins, drafting a tackle who will most likely end up playing guard with the second overall pick is a pretty tough pill to swallow. But the Rams have put off the offensive line long enough. If you believe in Sam Bradford, protect him. If you don't believe in him, don't let the next guy become Sam Bradford. It's that simple.

Robinson is an absolute animal in the run game. That same facet of offense that the Rams relied on down the stretch that kept them in the playoff hunt with Kellen Clemens. Zac Stacy, not Sam Bradford, is the centerpiece of the offense heading into 2014. Greg Robinson is the best run blocking tackle in the draft. It's a match made in heaven.

The thing you should note about Greg Robinson when you think about him as a pass protector is that while he's very raw (Auburn conforms to Nick Saban's autobiography {Personnel 101: Coach As I Say, Roll Tide) he's also incredibly athletic and ferociously motivated. You've seen the former in his combine performance - and tape, should you be one of those people - and the latter in his run blocking highlights. He just wants to destroy people.

So worry not. Give the Rams best positional coach something to work with, slap him at guard for awhile, and call it a day. You could draft Sammy Watkins if you wanted to, but if Bradford is sacked, it really doesn't matter, does it?

13. Haha Clinton-Dix

If this is a boring mock draft for you, my apologies. It's easy to go wild here and put someone like Anthony Barr or Aaron Donald (All aboard the cut Kendall Langford train!) but the Rams desperately need a safety. They were one of the worst teams in the league last year giving up big plays through the air and with Gregg Williams' blitzing scheme coming to town, they need help.

Clinton-Dix has been the choice for St. Louis so many times because it just works perfectly - Dan Kadar

It just so happens that this draft has a player who fits...mostly. Clinton-Dix isn't that elite Earl Thomas safety type, but he's close. Whereas Calvin Pryor is more of an enforcer, Clinton-Dix is a more of that free range guy the Rams should be looking for. He has the awareness and athletic ability to cover a large area and has capable enough ball skills.

Like most of the Rams secondary, he's a little too aggressive but that's up to the coaches to improve. He's the best fit for the Rams at the worst position on the team and is a good value here. Swish.

46. Kyle Van Noy

This is where it gets fun, folks. I'm not of the mind that the Rams don't need a receiver, but I'm not sold on anyone available in the second round enough to pass on a player like Kyle Van Noy. His draft stock reminds me very much of the Rams own James Laurinaitis - consistent, extremely solid, if unspectacular.


The Rams might have re-upped Jo-Lonn Dunbar, but he isn't the long term answer. Van Noy could be. He's just an all around solid player and someone who could break the Rams out of their all-nickel-all-day defensive strategy. His coverage skills, play recognition and run stopping ability could quite possibly complete the Rams defense.

75. Brandon Coleman

I can't hold off on a receiver any longer. The Rams could possibly go for a second tier player in the secondary or a quarterback, but I think they'd rather go for someone like Coleman, a player who can challenge Brian Quick to actually do something.

Coleman's primary strength is that he's a giant. The dude is huge. This allows him to tower of defensive backs (even ones like Richard Sherman!) and that's a huge advantage for him. He'll still be able to shield defenders and will present a large enough target for Bradford to hit easily. Don't overlook that fact as he transitions to college - being able to use your best skill to your advantage is something you should be excited about in a prospect.

On the downside (as if there isn't one on a third round receiver?), he's raw. His size can be used against him to knock him off balance and he isn't as strong as his frame would indicate. He's not a burner either; he's every bit of the definition of 'prospect'.

Still, for a team that has red zone woes, a mammoth of a receiver is too tempting to pass up. Get your shit together Brian Quick - you're on notice.

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