Jadevon Clowney Pro Day Tomorrow. How good is Clowney?

Jadeveon Clowney had been in the public conscious for 2 years. And now Wham-O, suddenly the Rams possess the #2 pick! Before watching Jadeveon Clowney tape and interviews, I was in the Camp flying Red flags. I blame the media! I blame myself for believing the negative hype, without first checking out the film. So what did I see?

Jadeveon Clowney, DE, South Carolina at the NFL Combine
Height: 6-6. Weight: 266.
40 Time: 4.53 -Vertical leap 37.5

I expect Clowney to weigh more than 266 as his pro day tomorrow. Jadeveon will get put threw the grinder by 4 or 5 NFL defensive line coaches. I'm curious how Clowney will do in linebacker coverage drills, because I know the Rams Scouts will watch those drills very closely.

If you haven't noticed , Jadeveon Clowney is a Big Man! I predict tomorrow 272 pounds of muscle strapped to a 6 foot 6 inch frame! No baby fat on this boy. Anyway I watched a bunch of 2013 film and last years Outback Bowl, where Jadeveon Clowney went up against Taylor Lewan. In all I watched 8 complete games including, the Tennessee game, where Antonio Richardson had to block Clowney.

Against the Run- Clowney is even better against the run than the pass! For the most part teams refused to run directly at Clowney. But that didn't stop Clowney from disrupting plays to the other side of the line. Clowney has a tremendous knack for faking an outside rush, and then attacking inside with blinding speed. Clowney fake outside, then shoot the gapinside and meet the ball carrier 4 yards deep in the backfield. ( On one play the running back made a dangerous but smart decision. As he was hit by Clowney he pushed the football forward thru the air back at the QB! Ruling? Incomplete pass) lol You won't see that play in Clowney stats.

Clowney also can run parallel behind the line of scrimmage like Robert Quinn and tackle the RB, before he makes his break off the opposite OT. The only time teams ran at Clowney was in passing situations. Clowney would rush the edge like Quinn, and the OT would take him up field, and out of the play. Clowney has a fantastic Swim move he uses to split blocks on passing and running plays. He often beat double teams that way.

Clowney is very strong, and he just manhandles ball carriers. God help them if he hits square up.

Against the Pass- Clowney reminds me of Quinn when rushing the edge. Like Quinn he can be taken out of the play to the outside. I think Quinn has better body edge bend. But when Clowney runs a stunt to the inside, he is very dangerous. Many of his sacks, hurries, forced fumbles, and blocked passes came on these type rushes. Once Clowney gets his hand on a QB, the QB very rarely escapes. Clowney has super-duper closing speed. When he hits the running back or QB dead on it's breath taking.Taylor Lewan and Antonio Richardson both had their hands full. It seemed to me that Jadeveon got extra motivated this year to play against Antionio Richarson. I think Clowne gets up for the better offensive tackles, because I Jadeveon had one of his better games against Richardson. Richardson is projected as a late first to early 2nd rounder. Here is a link to all of Clowney vs Richarson's snaps-


- I think Clowney has a high motor. Before I saw the film, I thought he took plays off. I didn't see Clowney take many plays off. He often caught RB's from behind down field. He's faster then most running backs. His first step off the ball is extremely impressive. Clowney's motor is very high!!!

- Clowney can play 3 technique, DE, and strong side linebacker. Several times a game Clowney would drop back into coverage. Or he would start the play in a 2 point stance, and drop back against the pass, or for containment. I didn't see many throws in his direction, but what I did see was Clowney ability to track the QB or the running back in those situations. And because Clowney can change direction very quickly for a big man, he excels at cornering QB's and Running Backs. He Tracks RB's down with speed, reactions, and patience. He Hunts and Tracks them down. For a tall man Clowney can play 3 technique and stay low on runs.

- Personality I watched several Clowney interviews. Clowney likes to laugh. He's is an optimist. He doesn't guard his words, so he comes off unrehearsed, blunt, and sincere. He'll do good on the interviews at the combine. More importantly Clowney strikes me as a Man who Loves to play football. That's how I see it. I didn't see the primadonna I heard so much about. He's not Peyton Manning humble. But he's no Michael Irvin either. He's no worse than anybody else. His intelligence is average.

Pros and Cons- Pros- Size, speed, tracking ability, versatility to play anywhere on the line and Sam Linebacker, ( Clowney is very good at stringing a play out to the sideline, where either he, or a teammate, or the sideline makes the tackle), Clowney can stop on a dime and shift direction very well for a man his size. Running backs have a difficult time faking him out. High motor. Team player.

Cons- Sometimes Clowney stands too high on a pass rush, and the OT can tie him up. Like I said earlier, teams can run inside the tackle on obvious passing plays, when Clowney rushes the QB on an edge rush, Remember how the Cowboys did that to us last year? Speeding tickets. He had an IV before a game because of a stomach virus. The media watches Clowney's every move. If you want to see why Jadeveon was sucking air in the North Carolina game watch the tape. He played very hard! The tape don't lie.

Double and Triple Teams - I had heard that Clowney was double and triple teamed on every play. This was not true. Whenever they ran the ball at Clowney he was double teamed. And he held up well, often disrupting the play, if not making the tackle. On passing plays he was double teamed often by the OT and a RB. If he got past the OT the running back was in trouble. I only saw a few triple teams and triple teams neutralized Clowney.

How would Jadeveon Clowney fit in with the Rams? I know DE is our strength. Let's speculate anyway, because you know Snisher is speculating. Because of Clowney size, speed, and reactions, the Rams could play Clowey anywhere along the Defensive Line. Like I said earlier, Clowney is very effective against the run. He can stay low on running downs. On passing downs imagine a four man line of Long, Clowney, Brockers, and Quinn.

Or you could play Clowney at strong side linebacker in certain situations. I saw him do it on tape. Greg Williams is known for his creative blitz packages. Clowney would be a terror blizting from the strong OLB spot. Plus he can move from sideline to sideline like Ogletree, except at Jadeveon at 6-6 272 4.50 is bigger and faster than Ogletree! Take my word for it when I say, he can fight off offensive line blocks better Ogletree or J. Laurinatis. Don't get me wrong! I love our linebackers. I do, I do. Muah Ogletree. xoxox JL

Should the Rams draft Clowne? After watching film, my feelings wouldn't be hurt if the Rams drafted him at #2. I give Houston a 35% shot at drafting Jadeveon. He's not dropping past #2. #3 is the lowest I can imagine him going. GM's have seen the same film, I saw, and I guarantee you he won't be there at #4. I've also watched a lot of film on Anthony Barr and Khalil Mack. Clowney is way better than those two. If I can know that, than Snisher know it too. Jadeveon Clowney is the best defensive player in the draft. Hands down. After watching film I can only imagine 2 player the Rams would target in the 2-4 range. Jadeveon and Sammy Watkins.

If Jeff Fisher and Les Snead want to collect elite future hall of famers, then Snisher must consider Clowney at #2! Playmakers! We want playmakers QB's are out of the question. If Fisher's has never drafted an offensive lineman in the first round, what makes you think he would draft a OT in the first 6 picks. Snisher want's playmakers. Behind Snisher's closed doors I'll bet the discussion is between Sammy Watkins and Jadeveon Clowney. Or more likely trading down for valuable extra picks. Jadevon Clowney is a little immature, but the Manster is only 21 years old! Give him a break, and watch NFL NETWORK broadcast Clowney workout. I'm sure Jadeveon will knock it out of the park. Tune in and watch Wednesday NFL Network Jadeveon TV. And comment on what you see!

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