Cash's Armchair GM 3/8/14

Hello everyone! Since there just aren't enough mocks floating around these days, I figured I needed to add another one. So, welcome to my first attempt of the year.

Ground Rules

I patterned this mock off Walter's. If a player is gone on his board, he's gone on mine.

I incorporated several trades. Some people feel it adds to the realism, others feels that it detracts. Our administration has shown a desire to trade. So, I will include myself in the category that says it adds. All trades correspond to the trade value chart.


H Dahl will be cut due to health, age, and salary.

A Pettis will be cut due to salary and needing the roster spot.

Free Agency

I will not add any big ticket free agents. Additionally, I do not bring R Saffold back.


1) It appears that teams other than the Rams are becoming infatuated with Watkins. Specifically, it appears the Lions have a keen interest. Watkins is expected to go between 2 and 6. As such, the Lions trade their 10 for our 2. In return, we receive their 3rd and 4th round selections this season as well as their 1st in 2015.

2) We will be trading our 13 to Cleveland for 26. We missed out on Gilbert CB as he went at 12. Cleveland, by trading back up to 13, can assure themselves a QB if they opt to go a different route at 4. We receive Cleveland's 2nd round pick, but have to give up our 4th rounder in return.

3) We trade our newly acquired pick from Cleveland (35) to Houston for 33. We lose a 6th and a 7th to move up. Houston is willing to do this trade because they are still likely to get the same player they would have chosen and add two picks in the process.

4) We trade our 3rd round pick (75) to Oakland for 67. We lose a 5th and the 7th received from Indianapolis to move up. Oakland would likely be happy with this deal as they can use the picks.


1/10 T Lewan OT Michigan

1/26 J Verrett CB TCU

2/33 R Shazier LB Ohio State

2/44 J Matthews WR Vanderbilt

3/67 G Jackson OG Mississippi State

3/76 D Bucannon S Washington State

4/107 B Urban DT Virginia


Lewan helps us both now and in the future. He's a natural LT talent that can hold down the right side until Long is done. I envision Barksdale being able to move inside to LG. If Long isn't ready when the season begins, Lewan can start.

No one dislikes Verrett's play, they just dislike his size. He's blazing fast and had the third best high jump at the combine. He has ups! As for size, he is only one inch shorter than Finnegan and actually is heavier.

Shazier checked in at the combine at 237 lbs. He is blazing fast and ripped. He hits like a ton of bricks and can play both the run and the pass. He's an ideal compliment to our other linebackers. It cost us a little draft capital to move up, but I think it'll be well worth it.

Matthews has excellent size and speed to go along with great hands. He will come in as our fifth wideout. He will certainly have the opportunity to compete for playing time. He's just another solid add to a decent WR group.

Jackson is a player we can plug in at RG and forget about. He's a better run blocker than pass protector. I was surprised to see him on the board still, and couldn't pass on trading back up for him.

Bucannon is a player that I feel is underrated. HaHa doesn't do much for me, and that's especially true at a first round price. I like Pryor, but he's more of a SS which we have. Bucannon is more of a FS although he is big at 219. He is fast and should start over McCleod.

Urban is 6'7" and 295lbs. He has the build to gain weight and needs to gain strength. He tends to get a push but isn't going to run anyone down. He'll be a nice third DT.

And, that's it! Let me know what you think in the comments.

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