Mock Draft (Picks 1-13)....A taste of something different

Tired of reading the same old mock drafts over and over? Well this is going to spice it up a little. Everyone loves a mock draft, but very few get it right. This is a little outside of the norm, but I feel it will be refreshing to some and honestly possible. Crazier things have happened.

Texans-Teddy Bridgewater

Everything said at this moment and up until the draft is a smokescreen and I believe that Houston decides to go with the most pro ready QB in the draft. Bortles has impressed lately, but this seems like a solid pick for the Texans.

Rams - Jake Matthews

I have a sneaky suspicion that Fisher will opt for the technician in lieu of the upside with Robinson. Matthews has slipped a little lately due to the impressive combine of Robinson. Fisher has a long history with the Matthews family. Pass protection for Sam Bradford outweighs the upgrade to the running game for Fisher.

Atlanta trades with Jaguars (Atlanta gives up # 6 & # 37) - Jadeveon Clowney

Atlanta gets their pass rusher without breaking the bank.

Cleveland - Sammy Watkins

Cleveland decides to ignore QB and plans to target Carr with their other pick in the first round. Knowing their luck Carr will be gone and they will draft Brandon Weeden 2.0.

Oakland - Johnny Manziel

The Pryor era has ended.

Jacksonville - Blake Bortles

They end up with one of the top three QB's and gain an extra second round pick. That is a win. Blackmon should be happy...oh wait he is still out indefinitely. I wonder if Fisher is still slamming his glasses...I think not!

Tampa Bay - Khalil Mack

They upgrade the LB core and put a presence with Lavonte David.

Minnesota - Justin Gilbert

A nice upgrade in the secondary to keep up with Rodgers and the Packers.

Buffalo - Greg Robinson

Time to beef up the line and get a certified run blocking machine.

Detroit - Mike Evans

The search for a legitimate WR opposite of Calvin is now over. Yes he is similar in statue and can win the jump balls like CJ, but it is working pretty well with the Bears. It's also the Lions and we all know how they love drafting recievers :).

Tennessee - Aaron Donald

Tennessee decides to jump aboard the combine express. This man has been shooting up boards and this workout warrior should beef up the DL for Tennessee.

NY Giants - Kelvin Bengiman

The Giants get a big bodied WR to pair with Cruz. This is assuming Hakeem Nicks does not return.

Rams - Timmy Jernigan

Well Fisher decides to complete what can be considered the best DL in the NFL. Paring Jernigan with Brockers may not be a popular pick for many, but we all saw how Carolina's interior line vastly improved last year with Star/Short. It is pretty insane to have a DL of all 1st round picks, early ones at that. Fisher's drafts since he came to Saint Louis have been very impressive and he always seems to pick players outside of popular opinion (exclude Tavon Austin).

Keep in mind this is not what I want to happen. If it was up to me we would take Watkins at 2 and the best available OT at 13. I am all about upgrading the offense with at least our first 2-3 picks. Hell if a good TE slips to the second round like ASJ, I say grab him.

For the love of god ramsrock, please don't blow my post up with, well you know :).

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