Rams MUST draft a WR

This is my first fanppost this site but I have been a lurker on here for over 3 years. I say that to give just a little insight on why I am writing. Over the past 3 years the debate of should the Rams draft a WR has gone on ad nauseam. the only other debate that equals or surpasses it is the Bradford debate which I am not going to get into here. So here is my question for the TST faithful, why does it seem like every draft time the Rams should always wait to get a number 1 WR next year and get a WR in the 2nd round this year.

I have read the arguments such as "there is no Megatron or AJ Green in this draft or You have to start upfront with the O-Line" or the very popular' Wait till next year when player x comes out he is a beast". So let us look at these points one at a time

  1. There is no clear cut dominate WR this year.... my answer is when exactly besides those two guys has there been a Megatron or AJ green in the draft? To say that there isn't a WR worth a 1st round pick is not only a little silly but short sided. In 2012 Justin Blackmon, Michael Floyd ,Kendall Wright and AJ Jenkins were drafted in the first round. Out of those WR every single one of those except Jenkins who the 49ers cast aside has more production then the Rams WR's including Blackmon who only played in 4 games but still had 29 REC and over 400 YDS. Now in 2012 the Rams picked up Brockers by trading down after Blackmon was taken again this is not about who they drafted it is about why the fan base is against drafting a WR.
  2. You have to draft O-line early in the draft...What is interesting about this comment is it is not only false but the same group of people also note how coach Boudreau can "coach up" the line.So what these arguments are saying is that you must draft a lineman early in the draft since you cant find a quality starter later on, And the Rams have a great coach who will make average players better.The one is is false since you can find a quality lineman in every round. courtesy of

Rank Player Team Round Drafted
1 Jason Peters Eagles Undrafted
2 Carl Nicks Saints 5
3 Evan Mathis Eagles 3
4 Nick Mangold Jets 1
5 Joe Thomas Browns 1
6 Chris Myers Texans 6
7 Marshal Yanda Ravens 3
8 Josh Sitton Packers 4
9 Bryan Bulaga Packers 1
10 Duane Brown Texans 1

these are the top 50 players in the NFL that are linemen.

The second part of that argument really does go against taking a lineman early. If I know that I can get a good player later in the draft because my coach can coach them up then why would I waste it on a top 5 pick? I should draft every other position because I know that my staff can make average good and good great at the lineman position

3. The Rams should wait for next year when WR from college come out he is a good one.... yes he is a good one but you know who else is? The guy who came out this year is also a good one plus we don't have to argue about why the Rams WR suck any more because they finally drafted the biggest need on the team.

I know this is not a popular opinion and that's fine and I am not trying to start or picking a fight to those of you who don't agree but it is hard to look at this team who has 4 WR who have never shown they are capable of having 60 catches 800 YDS and 8 TD. Just think about this Cecil Shorts had 66 catches and 777 YDS for the Jaguars.

One last question if someone said the rams could have a WR who would get open/catch the ball/score touchdowns/HELP the offensive line and Sam Bradford why would you not draft him? Because that's what a number 1 type receiver does I think it is the same reason Schottenheimer runs this offence with these players, he tries to stick to a philosophy instead of using what he has the best way possible, he is stuck in a mindset that there is only one way to do something and anything else is wrong. I think maybe we here are also guilty of that as well,thinking there is one way to win only and anything else is wrong Of course I just wrote 800 words on why my way of thinking is right so what do I know.

Thank you for the time of you read it and thank you for the opportunity to say it. Comments are welcome but please don't make fun of my height or weight or hair or lack of it in other words please keep it civil

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