Mania Mock Draft

In this mock draft I have us cutting Dahl and Wells. We restructure Finnegan. Saffold walks. We may sign a few players in free agency but no big name players. Blake Bortles goes number one to Houston.

1.2 TRADE: We trade this pick to Oakland to draft Teddy Bridgewater. Oakland hears Jaguars like Bridgewater and instead of waiting to see if he or any of the top quarterbacks fall past the Jaguars and Browns they trade up giving us their 1st, 2nd and 1st next year.

1.5 Sammy Watkins (WR) Clemson- This pick was between Sammy Watkins and Greg Robinson. I chose the player I thought would make a bigger impact. Our receiving corps, while improving, still needs help and Sammy Watkins is the type of player who could help us.

1.13 HaHa Clinton Dix (S) Alabama- I still have HaHa as my top safety in the draft and we need an upgrade at safety. Would a new cornerback help our defense? Yes but not as much as a new safety would.

2.5 Gabe Jackson (OG) Mississippi State- He is an absolute mauler in the run game. Fisher wants us to be a run first team. He can come in instantly and improve our Oline drastically.

2.13 EJ Gaines (CB) Mizzou- One of the most underrated players in the draft because he is not exceptionally fast or a true ballhawk. But that is ok because he is a smart defender who puts himself in a position to make plays and does not get beat often. He could come in instantly and complete our secondary.

3.13 Cyril Richardson (OG/OT) Baylor- Was thought of being a borderline first round pick before he got destroyed by Donald. His technique needs work but we have the best Oline coach to coach him up. He could come start right away giving us an Oline of: Long, Richardson, Barnes/Jones, Jackson, Barksdale.

4.13 Henry Josey (RB) Mizzou- Fast, good vision, productive in the SEC. All good qualities. But he blew out his knee in 2011 as bad as you possibly can. He was averaging over 8 yards a carry in 2011 and his first year in the SEC he averaged 6.7 yards a carry, had over 1000 yards, and had 16 touchdowns, this was despite the fact that Mizzou had 2 other very good running backs taking carries as well. He can come in a spell Stacy when we need some speed. Josey is a one cut runner like Richardson but has better vision and is faster.

5.13 David Fales (QB) San Jose State- Backup QB for Same Bradford. His biggest weakness is his arm strength but that is something that will improve with an NFL diet and weight room. He has the ability to escape and keeps his eyes down field when scrabbling. He fits best in a West Coast Offense which is good because our system has roots in the West Coast System.

6.13 Spencer Long (OG) Nebraska- BPA. Would have been drafted much higher if not for the injury. With so many picks in the late rounds we can afford to take players we would target as UDFA.

6Comp Jack Mewhort (OT) Ohio State- He may not be here but if he is, he is the pick. He is more of a RT but can be a servicable LT. He would not start right away but can learn behind Long and Barksdale.

7.13 Jackson Jeffcoat (DE/OLB) Texas- Underrated player who Greg Williams could use as a situational pass rusher.

7.24(From Colts) Aaron Lynch( DE) USF- Low risk high reward player. Could become a great player or could fizzle out.

7Comp Trey Millard (FB) Oklahoma- Could battle Harkey for the fullback spot. Competition is good right?

7Comp Colt Lyeria (TE) Oregon- I personally see him as another Jared Cook but he has high upside and as a 7th Comp pick you might as well see if he pans out.

7Comp James Morris (MLB) Iowa- May or may not be here but we need a MLB to backup Laurinaitis.

So what do you think?

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