My ever changing Mock Draft

I have read articles on this page for about a year now but was always hesitant to comment or post until now. Like a lot of draft junkies out there my mock drafts are always changing. Thankfully the draft is finally almost here and players are starting to settle into their draft slots. I for one could not be happier that this is happening because I can finally begin to form my final preferred mock draft.

In my draft I won't elaborate too much, if at all, about each players scouting report. Also for the sake of time and lack of more knowledge on later round prospects, I will end my draft after the 5th round. So without further-ado I present to you my mock draft.

In this draft I have the Rams trading #2 overall to the Vikings for #8, #40 and a 2015 first rounder. I feel they make this trade in order to acquire the QB they want, rather than taking the QB that falls to them.

At #8 the Rams select CB Justin Gilbert, Oklahoma State.

At #13 the Rams select FS HaHa Clinton-Dix, Alabama.

By taking, in my opinion the top safety and cornerback in this draft, the Rams will have a young, talented secondary for several years to come.

At #40 the Rams select OG David Yankey, Stanford.

At #44 the Rams select OG Gabe Jackson, Mississippi State.

Now I know I'll receive some heat for taking two guards here, but I feel this is a must considering Saffold's injury history. Drafting two lineman here makes me more comfortable that in the case of an injury, we will have two more than capable lineman to step in and play well. (note: in the second round the lineman could be OT's as well, but who I selected is just my preference and who I feel will be available at this point.)

At #75 the Rams select WR Donte Moncrief, Ole Miss.

Getting a player of Moncrief's talent in the third round is a steal. I am a firm believer that Moncrief will be everything that Quick was suppose to be. Moncrief really doesn't receive enough attention. But because of that he luckily falls to the Rams in the third round.

At #110 the Rams select DT Anthony Johnson, LSU.

The rams get the potential starting DT they've wanted next to Brockers.

At #153 the Rams select RB Jerick McKinnon, Georgia Southern.

Not a very popular name but the guy is a small school prospect with loads of potential, but may need a couple years to adjust.

In the 6th and 7th rounds, I feel the Rams get their developmental/back-up quarterback. Now, as to who that QB may be, I have no clue. May be Fales, Shaw, Savage(preferred), Boyd, Smith. I am just unaware as to what their true projected draft round could be. Besides the QB, I feel the rest of the picks in the 6th and 7th will be BPA.

Here is a quick rundown of the picks.

#8 CB Justin Gilbert, Oklahoma State

#13 FS HaHa Clinton-Dix, Alabama

#40 OG David Yankey, Stanford

#44 OG Gabe Jackson, Mississippi State

#75 WR Donte Moncrief, Ole Miss

#110 DT Anthony Johnson, LSU

#153 RB Jerick McKinnon, Georgia Southern

So, there you have it my first 5 rounds of how I hope the draft works out. I hope you all enjoy and I greatly encourage feedback!

Thanks, Wiggs.

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