Mock 2.0 Full 7 rounds including compensatory picks

Lets face it. The St. Louis Rams have no business picking in the top ten. Much less at 2. We got lucky with one of the best trades in the history of the trade. We then parlayed most of those picks into more picks to fill out our roster but playtime is over. It is time to get stars regardless of positional need. If we feel a player is better than the rest at two and we know he can see the field for some substantial time this season, a.k.a. any position besides qb, then we should take that guy unless some team offers us the moon for the 2 pick which I doubt happens this year. That being said I think houston goes qb1 with the 1 pick. I just don't see them passing up a qb with the rights to any one of the guys they have on their board. That brings us to pick 2.

1.2 Jadaveon Clowney DE South Carolina

Any player we pick here is going to be a luxury. Want watkins? We have 4 recievers with less than 3 years experience on our roster and pettis is a solid 5 on the depth chart. There is no point in investing all those picks in receivers just to draft someone else to take their spot before you see if they reach their potential. It takes most receivers at least 3 years to really become effective at what they do. of course there are exceptions to every rule. Damn you alshon jeffery! Want a tackle? We have three good tackles on the roster and while 2 are injury prone it is doubtful we see many snaps without long or saffold protecting sams blindside even if we do draft matthews or robinson. Add to that the fact that matthews isn't necessarily an elite prospect and there are legitimate questions about whether or not robinson can pass block. Want an olb? We have 2 good lbs and we play nickel a majority of the time so he will be on the field less than 50 percent of the time. That means if we stay at two we should absolutely go b.p.a. That means clowney. Before, during, and long after the draft he will be the best prospect in the 2014 draft. We can rotate him with sims and have the best pass rush in football by leaps and bounds. It also gives us tons of flexibility with what we do with long, one of our highest paid players, and quinn, soon to be our highest paid player, in the coming years.


Notice how I didn't mention hayes above. Well, when we hit the clock at 13 I believe to top ten prospects will likely still be on the board. Aaron donald and taylor lewan. Donald because of size and lewan because of character. Dallas, in need of dl help desperately, inquires about moving ahead of the bears and steelers who also need to bolster the dl. We offer them a deal that can solve their troubles in one trade. william hayes and pick 13 for pick 16 and pick 47. William hayes is one of the better ends in football and just so happens to be on a stacked unit. He would start on at least eighty percent of nfl teams d lines.

1.16 Taylor Lewan OL Michigan

Really the best of both worlds as far as a tackle prospect goes. Plenty of experience and an elite ceiling. Something neither of the other two top tackle prospects can say. Character concerns aside if lewan falls to 13 he is a ridiculous steal. Considering the needs of the bears and steelers there is no reason lewan wouldn't fall to sixteen if that is the case. I would imagine he starts at guard his first year or two and then fills in for barksdale and/or eventually long.

2.44 Jordan Mattthews WR Vanderbilt

This is a really deep wide out class and while we don't have the biggest need at the position it's hard to pass on a guy with such prolific stats in the sec, holds receiving yards record for the sec. Especially when he is extremely intelligent and works as hard as anyone in this draft.

2.47 Terrence Brooks FS Florida State

Part of the excellent national champion seminole secondary. He may not have gaudy statistics and he might be overshadowed by some of the stars at Florida State but you can make a very good argument that he is the best coverage safety in the draft. Extremely fast and fluid and understands how to play the safety position better than most prospects. If he works on his hands he could be a dangerous player. He will be a day one starter and as the back end safety in Gregg Williams aggressive defensive scheme he is a perfect fit.

3.75 Jaylen Watkins CB Florida

The best player in arguably the best secondary in college football last year. Purifoy and Roberson get all the glory but watkins was the most dependable and had the best tape. He played nickel which is where he would be this year but he has the ceiling to be a cb 2 or even 1. Oh, and he can play safety as he did much of 2014 due to injuries.

4.110 Trai Turner G LSU

5.153 Gabe Ickard C Oklohoma

6.188 John Halapio G Florida

6.214 Logan Thomas QB Virginia Tech

7.226 Colt Lyerla TE Oregon

7.241 Khairi Fort OLB Califonia

7.249 Isaih Crowell RB Alabama St.

7.250 Carrington Byndom CB Texas

Thoughts and criticism welcomed and appreciated. Cheers guys.

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