Steelers trade up to 8th! You are the GM! You're on the Clock, Steel City!

In a last minute trade benefiting both teams, the Minnesota Vikings traded the 8th pick in the draft, a 4th round pick, and a 6th round pick to the Pittsburgh Steelers for the #15 pick and the Steelers 2nd round pick!

TST Draft

1. Houston Texans- QB Blake Bortles

2. Atlanta Falcons- DE Jadeveon Clowney

3. Jacksonville Jaguars- QB Teddy Bridgewater

4. Cleveland Browns- QB Johnny Manziel

5. Oakland Raiders - WR Sammy Watkins

6. Saint Louis Rams- OT Greg Robinson

7. Tampa Bay Buccaneers- OLB Khalil Mack

Pittsburgh is on the Clock! You are the GM!

History- The Steelers- Cowboy Super Bowl Rivalry is a distant memory! In the latter days of 2013, the Cowboys and the Steelers went into the last game of the season, with a chance to steal an all expense paid trip to the Playoffs. Both teams went home with their tails stuck firmly between their hind legs, ending the year with mediocre 8-8 records.

The Pittsburgh Steelers were a streaky team in 2013, starting the season off with a 4 game losing streak and ending 2013 with a 3 game winning streak. Sandwiched in between, Pittsburgh went on multiple 2 and 3 game winning and losing streaks.

Pittsburgh Steeler Needs- CB, DL, WR

Cornerback- Pittsburgh cornerbacks were burned repeatedly last year! The once proud and powerful Pitt. defense is still proud, but not as powerful. Age will do that to you. Pittsburgh needs an infusion of youth at cornerback, and perhaps that's why they traded up to the 8th pick. The Steelers can take the first cornerback of the board, if they so wish. Justin Gilbert and Darqueeze Dennard are the consensus top two CB's!

Defensive Line- The famous Steeler's Shower Curtain has faded with age. DT Aaron Donald and DE Kony Ealy are in play at #8.

Fun Fact- The fabled 1975 Pittsburgh Steelers saw an 11 regular game win steak implode to a brutally stingy Los Angeles Rams team 10-3! That loss would be the last suffered by the 75' juggernaut Steeler team, who went on to beat the Cowboys 21-17 in Super Bowl X!

Wide Receiver- 2nd year WR Markus Wheaton and vet Antonio Brown give the Steelers a decent foundation to build upon, but neither receiver stands over 6 feet in his stocking feet!. Perhaps Pittsburgh traded up to #8 to draft the best six foot five, , big body basketball playing, wide receiver in the entire draft! Look up in the Sky!

It's a bird, it's a plane, it's Mike Evans! He can leap over Tavon Austin in a single bound, he can run faster then a speeding musk ox, more powerful than a John Deere, with X-Ray vision Evans can see thru cover 2,3 and 4!.

Luxury Pick- the only luxury pick that makes sense for Pittsburgh would be OT Jake Mathews. But I think the Steelers are betting on a pair of young 2nd round OT's, they've been grooming to protect Big Ben Roethlisbeger.

Pittsburgh is on the Clock! You are the GM! You traded up to select a specific player. Whom is that player?

Draft ends at 8PM Friday evening. In the event of a tie. and tiebreaker draft will immediately follow. Tick, tock...

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