Johnny Manziel blows away his Pro Day...Boom! Ram's Pick goes up in value!

I Tuned in and watched Johnny Football amaze and wow a crowd, which included President George Bush, wife Barbara, and Texas State Governor Rick Perry.

The last pass Johnny Manzeil threw on his Pro Day was a 65 yard perfect bomb to Mike Evans! The entire crowd erupted in cheers and applause, but the crowd noise couldn't drown out Johnny Manziel's triumph yell..., "BOOM!"

Wide Receiver Mike Evans caught a majority of Johnny Manziel's Pro Day passes. I watched every game Evans played, and I can tell you Evans may be as good or better than Sammy Watkins. He will at least catch more TD's then Watkins in 2014

If you have NFL Network, and tuned into the Big Show, I'm sure you were very impressed! Let me know what you saw and thought about Johnny Football.

Johnny Manziel shocked the crowd, throwing in shoulder pads, helmet, calling plays from the huddle, and he took every snap from under center..

Fun Fact. Johnny Manziel and Mike Evans often play pickup basketball games together. Collectively Manziel and Evans are know as the Dwyane Wade and Lebron James of College Station Rec Centers.

Manziel proved he has the strongest arm of the top 4 QB's. Even Kurt Warner said so. Manziel threw perfect deep balls to six different wide receivers. That's not easy to do! No quarterback in the draft adapts instantaneously like Manziel..

Johnny threw 60 yard perfect bombs, in the pocket, rolling right and left. Rolling left and thowing a perfect 60 yard stike! Kurt Warner was very impressed, saying,

" At least 20 quarterbacks in the NFL today cant' make the throws Johnny Manziel.made today!"

Manziel left a huge impression with his leadership, enthusiasm, and love of the game. Manziel will go in the top five. That's good news for Ram fans! NFL coaches and GM's applauded many of Manziel's throws. Put an exclamation mark on that boy!!!!!!!!

I've been saying all along, Manziel will be an all pro player. He's not there yet, but mark my words!

Manziel has Farves toughness mixed with Rodger Staubach's style. Manziel's teammates obviously love Johnny and it showed today! I'm telling you Manziel is the smartest QB in the draft. His football instincts are stratospheric!

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