This 7 Round Mock Draft would make me happy

Let's start by summarizing the Rams’ free agency activity so far :

- Resigned Roger Saffold - OL

- Resigned Jo-Lonn Dunbar - OLB

- Signed Gregg Reid – CB

- Signed Etienne Sabino - OLB

- Signed Alex Carrington – DE / OLB hybrid

- Signed Shaun Hilll - QB

- Potentially signing Kevin Britt – WR

I would say that this still leaves the Rams’ with several needs mainly at OL, FS and a young developmental QB.

Furthermore I am worried that our roster seems to be quite injury prone especially at key positions. I wouldn’t bet my life on Bradford, Saffold or Jake Long staying healthy for a whole season. The players we signed such as Carrington and Reid are coming off major injuries and it remains to be seen if those injuries were merely bad luck or not.

With that in mind lets proceed to the actual draft:

Pick 1 – Houston Texans : Blake Bortles (QB)

Case Keenum disappointed last season, so the Texans use the first overall Pick to select the best QB in this year's draft. Case Keenum was serviceable as a back up but nothing indicated that he could lead this team to the play-offs. Of course the prospect of adding Mack or Clowney next to JJ Watt seems like a real possibility but they desperately need a QB.

Pick 2 – Oakland Raiders via trade with the St Rams (Rams receive Pick 5, Pick 36 and Pick 107) : Jadeown Clowney (DE)

They have to upgrade their pass rush and this is the go-to guy. He could be gone by their initial Pick 5 and Kony Ealy is not worth the number 5 pick, therefore they could very well opt to trade up in order to secure Clowney.

The value the Rams receive is less than some might expect, but this is due to the fact that this years draft class is very deep and no team likes to give up picks.

I am not a fan of Clowney, but from a physical point of view this guy is a beast and with the right attitude he could become an elite pass rusher. The Raiders signed Tuck and I could very well see him taking Clowney under his wings.

Pick 3 – Jacksonville Jaguars : Johnny Manziel (QB)

It is a toss-up between Bridgewater and Manziel, whereas I believe that their owner Shahid Khan pushes them to pick the flashy guy, the one, who will sell the most jerseys. They selected a LT last year and they have a great WR in Blackmon.

Pick 4 – Cleveland Browns : Sammy Watkins (WR)

I believe that their first two picks will be a QB and a WR, I am just not sure in which order. I think that they will pick Watkins at 4 and Carr / Garoppolo at 26. The prospect of a tandem consisting of Watkins - Gordon will be too tempting to pass upon. Especially, because possibly 3-5 WR's could be gone by the 26th pick and the QB class is kind of mediocre this year at the top level and they have Brian Hoyer who has won the first three game last season.

Pick 5 – St. Louis Rams via Oakland Raiders : Jake Matthews (OT)

Khalil Mack and Greg Robinson are still on the board yet the Rams select Matthews…why??

I believe that Fisher likes Matthews’ bloodline (I feel horrible writing this sentence because it seems like we are talking about race horses), because he knows what it takes to thrive in the NFL and to make the next step as a pro. This year Jeff Fisher will select another player whose father he used to coach (last year it was TJ McDonald).

Furthermore he is the safe bet, he can play all 5 positions on the OL and he will probably be a Pro-bowler starting his rookie season. The Rams’ OL is injury prone: Jake Long and Saffold all had major injuries last season and you can not count on them staying healthy. The Rams' Center position is at least doubtful and Jake Matthews’ best position might even be Center and if we need him to fill in for Saffold or Long, he will deliver.

Pick 6 – Atlanta Falcons: Khalil Mack (OLB)

At the 6th pick they get the best player in this years draft. Having Mack will bolster their defense immediately. He is the real deal and will be considered a steal at the 6th overall Pick.

Pick 7 – TB Buccaneers: Greg Robinson (OT)

Robinson is the best run blocker and Doug Martin will be more than happy about this pick. He will run for miles behind this guy. They lost part of their OL in the FA and Robinson will help them out immensely.

Pick 8 – Minnesota Vikings –Teddy Bridgewater (QB)

They won’t pass on Bridgewater at this point. They need a QB and even though he had a disappointing Pro Day he is still a good Qb.

Pick 9 – Buffalo Bills –Taylor Lewan (OT)

This was the toughest pick to make for me, because I was pondering whether to select Ebron, Lewan or Evans. I chose Lewan, because I think that the WR class is deep and that the Bills will value Lewan’s nastiness.

I am not a Lewan fan, because of his character issues. However his athleticism and his natural talent are hard to ignore.

Pick 10 – Detroit Lions – Justin Gilbert (CB)

At first I thought the Detroit Lions would definitely select Evans, but because they signed Golden Tate I think that they will address their CB corps.

Even though imagining Evans, Fauria and Johnson in the red zone is truly frightening.

They need help in the secondary and Justin Gilbert provides an immediate update.

Pick 13 – St. Louis Rams – Calvin Pryor (FS)

A hard hitting FS who is always capable of forcing turnovers, I would love that pick. He sounds like a Gregg Williams type of player. So in the first round the Rams bolstered their OL and got the best FS.

Pick 36 – St. Louis Rams via Oakland Raiders Gabe Jackson (OG)

Gabe Jackson is a top 3 guard in this draft. He is huge, but has some technique issues. Our OL - guru Boudreau will get him up to speed and having an OL consisting of Long-Jackson-Matthews – Saffold – Barksdale has me drooling.

No more excuses for Sam Bradford.

Pick 44 – St. Louis Rams – Rashede Hageman (DT)

I know, I know the Rams just picked up Carrington, but they need to add further depth and I see Carrington more of an hybrid player who can play DE, DT and OLB.

Hageman is a physical freak and a steal if the Rams should be able to grab him with the 44th Pick. I must admit that I have difficulties projecting Hagman as he could go anywhere from Pick 15 to Pick 64, however should he be available at this point, I really hope the Rams draft him.

If Hagman should be off the boards I want the Rams to pick up Kyle van Noy.

Pick 75 – St. Louis Rams – Pierre Desir (CB)

I am afraid that Keith McGill won’t last until the 3rd round; Pierre Desir however will be there.

He will struggle to adjust to the NFL and needs time to develop. It might be considered a reach to select this guy early in the 3rd Round, but I like him a lot.

Pick 107 – St. Louis Rams via Oakland Raiders – Aaron Murray (QB)

I have my doubts about this guy, ACL tear and struggling against elite defenses seems worrisome. But at the same time he reminds me of Drew Breess, I love his fire. This guy has heart (yes - sometimes he takes too many risks, but I like such a player), something which I miss from Bradford. He will push Bradford and won’t be happy being a simple back-up.

Btw, do yourself a favour and google his girlfriend (Kacie Mcdonnell).

Pick 110 – St. Louis Rams Devin Street (WR)

For everyone who was wondering about WR, well they add one here. I think Veltung might get cut, because the Rams have Reid and Austin to return kicks. I like Devin Street : 6’4’’ and 190 pounds with an above average vertical leap of 37’’makes him a dangerous target in the red zone.

Some might argue that the 4th Round is a little bit early for this guy but I disagree, he is one of the most underrated WR’s in this year’s draft. He will need time to adjust, but when he does he will be a great asset.

Pick 153 – St. Louis Rams Trey Millard (FB)

This guy is strong and a great blocker. Yes it’s another player with an ACL – history, but we need an upgrade over Harkey. This guy can block for Stacey and at the same time punch the ball in if needed to.

Pick 188 and 226 and 241 are traded to the Jacksonville Jaguars for their next year’s 5th Rounder (Mainly because I think that the Rams will use these picks to trade up somewhere, but I am really unsure where and how. They could trade up from the 4th round to the 3rd round to secure Aaron Murray earlier for example).

Pick 214 – St. Louis Rams – Jake Murphy (TE)

He surprised at the combine. He could benefit from learning from Cook and Kendricks and be ready for a starting job next year.

Pick 249 – St. Louis Rams Zach Fulton (OG)

The Rams will add another OG in order to increase depth at this position.

Pick 250 – St. Louis Rams Damien Williams (RB)

He had a nice 40 yard dash time at the combine, but he lacks experience and got suspended. He could be brought in, in order to challenge Richardson and Pead. I believe one of them will get cut. I hope it will not be Pead, because I am too stubborn to give up on him (I know I am probably the only one).

I hope you enjoyed this mock draft and I am looking forward to reading your comments. Sorry for not including any pictures but I was afraid of violating any copyright laws.

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