Behind The Steel Curtain community mock draft: Intelligence Gathering

Hello folks, my names Jack Finn and I'm a contributing editor over at the Steelers SB Nation site, Behind the Steel Curtain, as well as being the newest and proudest member of the Turf Show Times (had to join to post this, but that doesn't in anyway make it less special!).

Over at BTSC we are about to embark upon a community mock draft, and I was fortunate enough to get in line quick enough and select the Rams.

The reasons for my Rams selection are three-fold.

1) My best friend is a Rams fan, and an avid reader of the Turf Show Times (although not a member of the community depsite my best overtures), and because of this I am kept relatively well abreast on most of the happenings over in St. Louis. In addition I watched quite a few games in the past two seaosns with him so I feel out of any team, I would be most comftorbale picking for the Rams.

2) Thanks to the Genius of Les Snead and the relative stupidity of the Washington Redskins , you guys have two 1st round picks in the top frikin' 15. Who doesn't want the oppurtunity to pick twice in the top 15, even if it is just in a mock format.

3) Finally, I feel out of all the other 31 teams in the NFL, The Rams and I have a certain affinity. I couldn't tell you why, perhaps it is just because of my friend or the fact that I have watched a few games here and there, whatever the reason the Rams are my NFC team no doubt. I love James Laurinaitis, Alec Ogletree, Robert Quinn and especially Chris Long, and I like where the Rams are headed.

So now that I have (hopefully) justified myself, I'll get to why I'm here. Basically, if you want proper information, you might as well ask the people who have been pouring over it for the better part of three months.

So, what are you guys thinking?who are you thinking?what's the most glaring need on the team? Has a Free Agent signing, or any other development changed the landscape of the draft for the Rams thus far?

Any feedback would be really greatly appreciated.

Just to let you know where I'm leaning, Saffold was a good resigning but Greg Robinson isn't out of the picture (however Mathews is) because that much raw potential can't be dismissed.

I'm high on Watkins, and the Rams need for a legitimate receiving superstar receiver (a Kenny Britt signing still wouldn't disuade me from this).

I'm also in the "not a fan of Sam Bradford" camp, and I'm also pretty high on Johnny Manziel, I think he could be a huge shot in the arm for the Rams and the franchise. I appreciate that may be contraversial though.

Clowney is definetely in play, even with Long and Quinn, it's hard to over look that sort of ability.

Any kind of response and information you guys can give would greatly, greatly appreciated and I will put it to good use. I've never been in the habit of pandering for rec's, but I would also appreciate it if you could rec' this so it doesn't get buried really quickly on the fan posts. I appreciate that may seem a little obnoxious but I take my mock drafting super duper seriously and I want to get as much feedback as possible,

Anyway, thanks for your time (if you've read this and left a comment, if not screw you!). I promise after this mock draft you're going to be saying Snead who?

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