Rams Mock Draft

I want to start off this fan post by discussing the Ram's free agent signings and how they affect the draft. When I wrote this Kenny Britt had not been signed by the Rams yet, but I feel a deal is imminent and I believe a deal will transpire by the end of the week. Depending on the contract (preferably a cheap, one-year, prove-it deal) I think this could be a good signing and it will allow the Rams to truly see what exactly they have on this team for their receiving corps. Signing a vet, albeit a troublesome vet like Britt, will nevertheless provide Rams with a mentor for its younger receivers, and allow the Rams to pursue other options in the draft. Pursuing other options, however, to the dismay of Rams fans (yeah...i'm talking about you Ramsrock) means eliminating the possibility of selecting Sammy Watkins and the other first-round receivers. The Carrington signing also, I believe, eliminates the contention of DT as one of the first-round picks. But anyways... Onto the Draft.

Houston is on the clock: After much speculation and debate... Houston grabs their Quarterback of the future and select Blake Bortles. I think Houston will definitely go this route, but the Fitzpatrick signing scares me that they will pursue other options.

St. Louis's pick.... is traded to the Falcons for a Second Round pick. The Falcons select Jadaveon Clowney, and successfully obtain the "cant-miss" prospect of the class. This trade, while wholly unoriginal, is bound to happen with both teams having shown active histories in moving around during the draft.

Jacksonville: Bridgewater

Cleveland: Mack

Oak: Watkins

STL: Jeff Fischer sprints to the podium before Les Snead can even flip his hair back and the Rams select Greg Robinson. Robinson gives the Rams an absolute mauler in the run game, and the presence of Jake Long at LT will give Greg a mentor and allow him to transition more smoothly into the NFL. He will play makeshift LG until he ultimately replaces Jake Long.

TB: Jake Matthews

Minn: Manziel

Buff: Evans

Det: Gilbert

Tenn: Barr

NYG: Lewan

STL: TRADE!!!! the Rams trade 13 and a 3rd rounder to the Dallas Cowboys for #16 and a 2nd rounder. The Cowboys want to leap Chicago and Pittsburgh for the rights to select Aaron Donald, the undisputed best DT in the draft.

Chi: Chicago is forced to go with the 2nd best Defensive tackle... who could be either Nix, Hageman, or Jernigan. They select one of these. Or...... they could go CJ mosely.

Pitt: Pittsburgh is tempted to go Clinton-Dix here, but they drafted Shamarko thomas last year and I think he will have a good year. They go Darqueze Dennard.

STL: The St. Louis Rams select HaHa Clinton-Dix, and get the true ball-hawking, centerfield-playing safety. This move shores up the secondary and gives the Rams a reliable player on the backend when Greg Williams blitzs.

2nd Round:

Because of the two trades the Rams own the Falcons pick, their own pick, and the Cowboy's pick

Falcons pick: If Zack Martin is still on the board they will pull indefinitely pull the trigger, but I don't think he will be. The Rams will get the best overall guard at this spot which will most likely be Gabe Jackson.

Rams Pick: Kyle Van Noy

Dallas Pick: The Rams will go best corner available here which I believe will be either Bradley Roby or LaMarcus Joyner.... I would be overjoyed with either.

To be completely honest, at this point of time I am not super educated on the later rounds of the draft and due to my ignorance of players in these rounds I will not divulge into this portion of the Rams draft. That being said, I would really appreciate any feedback and if you guys could finish the latter half of my draft. This mock draft solidifies and re-invents our offensive line, solidifies our defensive backfield, and gives us our OLB of the future.

Thanks for reading!

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