Rams are on the Clock! You are the GM!

The Oakland Raiders select Wide Receiver Sammy Watkins with the 5th pick in the 2014 draft!

Sammy Watkins, seconds after being selected by the Oakland Raiders!

Rams are on the Clock with the sixth pick in the draft!

Some quick back story for those of you arriving late from church ice cream socials. Our beloved Rams traded their #2 pick to Atlanta for #6 pick, #37 pick in the 2nd round, and a first round pick in 2015! Atlanta picked DE Jadevon Clowney with the #2 pick.

Rams needs- OL, FS, CB, WR

Offensive Line- The Rams faithful are joyful over Rodger Saffold return from the black hole that is Oakland, yet the Ram's offensive line has more question marks than answers. Will Jake Long's knee recover? Has anybody seen Barrett Jones? Lucky for the you, all the draftable offensive linemen are still available. OT Greg Robinson and Jake Mathews are in play. Greg has a higher ceiling then Jake Mathews, but a lower floor. Robinson is the better run blocker, and Jake is a polished pass blocker, with the finest football pedigree this side of Peyton Manning's first born.

Free Safety - You know free safety is the defense's weak link. For two years you've put off fixing that leaky faucet! You tell yourself, this year will be different. Yet, it would be a reach to pick Ha Ha Clinton-Dix or Calvin Pryor with the sixth pick.

You-- "Hey Honey, I promise to fix that leaky free safety! But not with the 6th pick in the draft Baby Doll! Besides, it's almost a sure thing, that either Clinton-Dix or Pryor will be available with our next pick. I've got to figure out who Mr. Incredible is, discover his secret identity, and draft him with the sixth pick! It's all for the greater good Sweetie Pie."

Your Wife---- Greater Good? I'm your wife! I'm the greatest *good* you are ever gonna get!! And I want my Ha Ha Clinton-Dix Rams jersey!"

CB- You promised Gregg Williams the players he needs to build a top 5 defense. Gregg Williams stuck a solid starting nickelback at the top of his wish list. Gregg hints around that his feelings wouldn't be hurt if you spent your first 3 picks on defense. Just the other day G. W. said,

" I need my cornerbacks to play a lot of press, one on one coverage, so I can blitz my safeties.". You wonder, if Trumaine Johnson is a press coverage, one on one, no fly zone cornerback? Although certain draft guru's might consider CB Justin Gilbert a reach at #6, Gilbert might not be there at #13.

WR- You're sad Sammy Watkins is off the board! Yet, your're glad you got extra picks! You get an extra 2nd round pick, and a first round pick next year! Suddenly, a dark heavy iron thought descends down on your heart..

."Will I be here next year? Will I have a job? ... Yeah, yeah, of course I'll be here." You say to yourself, "but I've got to hit cherry, cherry, cherry on this sixth pick. The Sixth pick sheik's sixth sheep's can't be a sick pick! Calm down God damn it!"

Ole Schotty would like you to pick Mike Evans! He is widely considered the 2nd best WR in the draft. Very big and fast target with great hands. Yet, Evans needs to improve his route running, on the other hand Evan's is a player who can win jump balls. Will Sam Bradford throw jump balls into heavy traffic?

Luxury Pick - What? Khalil Mack is still available. Your defense could use another OLB, yet Gregg Williams runs a bunch of nickel back 5 DB sets with only two linebackers. Who comes off the field on passing downs? Mack? Olgetree? JL? Or one of the defensive linemen? Still, Khalil Mack is tempting, as you salivate into your drool bucket. Ummmm Khalil Mack...

Trade Back- Since Bortles, Bridgewater, and Manziel have all been drafted, many positional players have been pushed back to the your Sixth pick. Robinson, Mathews, Gilbert, and Mack. You quickly think of trade back possibilities... Although Tampa Bay needs an offensive tackle, you know they'll stand pat. Tampa is willing to wait their turn. Minnesota needs a QB and the top 3 QB's are off the board. Suddenly you realize Minnesota is on the phone attempting a trade back. Tick tock.. You don't have much time! Suddenly the phone rings! Drwing...Drwing...Drwing!

Bills GM- "Hello! I'm Buffalo Bill, and I need me an Outside Linebacker, an edge rusher! Khalil Mack is a local boy, he played his college ball at Buffalo College. But I'm not desperate, cause umm, I could use a wide receiver and I figure Evans will fall to me at #9. Cough, oooaughoaua... I'll give you my first rounder and my the third round pick. That's it! Nothing more. Grazing animals got to stick together. Don't you think?. Me Buffalo. Ewe Ram. That's a joke son! Ha ha... We got a deal?"

You- "Give me a minute to think about it Bill. I'll call you back."

Bills GM- Did you know, " Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo!" is a grammatically correct sentence? Yep, I tell ya-

You- " Got to go Buffalo Bill!" CLICK!

The Rams are on the Clock! You are the GM! Whom do you choose? Tick tock...

Draft will end at 6 PM Tuesday Evening. In case of a tie, a tiebreaker draft will immediately follow.

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