180 Degrees

I'm really loving this.

In between the hyperventilated panic-filled rants resembling catastrophic WW3-like fear over the lack of free agent signings creating new levels of Ramxiety, Les Snead and Jeff Fisher seem to be enjoying their time at the beach. Fisher's a southern California dude and Les looks like one so I can them chillin' together. It's like Bill & Ted except they're not morons and have extremely high-IQ football brains. I can almost picture them saying 'Dood like fer sher' when agreeing on a draft pick or the new cheerleader outfits.

As all Ram fans know the toilet has been painful. It's not nice having people dump on you. Time after time we were promised 'The Solution' but instead received a worse problem. I could name all the coaches & GM's who weren't the answer but I fear post-traumatic stress disorder. So to me it's so good there's a new approach. A completely different approach. Since Dick Vermeil left - comparing all of them - I especially like the contrast between Billy Devaney & Spags vs Les Snead & Fish. It's like reverse good vs evil. Kind of like the Freemasons designing Washington DC with a pentagram but that's a side issue. Basically the things which were supposedly 'good', weren't. While the 'bad' things (e.g Janoris Jenkins and now Greg Reid) are actually good.....

It's a complete twist-around.

My favorite part has been watching the personnel decisions. In years gone by we'd get all these big money free agents who'd accelerated our path to the toilet. Remember Mike Sims-Walker? I didn't think so. In 2011 we got him and a bunch of others and it led to a 2-14 record.

But now, who do we sign? Nobody, except (so far) an undersized guy who hasn't played in 2 years because of injuries but who has a tremendous upside. Someone who was a huge playmaker during his limited time in college and who carries no risk whatsoever. Someone who to the Rams marijuana use and being kicked off his college team isn't a red flag. Nope. That doesn't matter. The only question is was he a stud? If the answer is 'Yes' it's BINGO we take him.

And I like that. It's about time.

It's the same thing with the draft. Until Snisher took over, does anyone remember the Rams ever doing a 'draft-day trade' with anybody? Ever? I sure can't. We'd take whatever guy fell to us and most of the time they should have kept on falling. Now we 'trade up' and 'target' the best guys at their position. Tavon Austin and Alec Ogletree will turn out to be Pro-Bowlers for years. The other regime? Wait and pray that once every ten years they'd get lucky. We're just fortunate their 'plan' finally bore fruit with Robert Quinn. Personally I would have liked a lot more talented players faster... Like before. Ten. Freakin. Years. Went by.

So to me this is a 180 degree turnaround AND I LIKE IT. I don't care if we sign any free agents or not. I've seen the other trash come and go. I saw what picking choir boys achieved. I saw one rookie head coach after another say hi and bye. I saw how older players act like Christmas toys on low batteries. I saw total idiots at work. How do you prove to be a failure twice (Ryan Leaf & Rams) and still get work? It boggles the mind. Billy D must do some amazing work behind closed doors.....

This is nothing like that and I'm proud. The Rams are building a real team. The Rams are being led, really led, for the first time in over a decade. It's obvious. There's no denying it. This is not the same Rams organization. Very soon, it will be our turn.


Long live The Rams

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