Scouting And Insight On Newly Signed CB, Greg Reid

Hey Rams fans, while scanning the internet I saw that Greg Reid had signed with the Rams and decided to come shed some light about his career, his potential, his off the field problems, and his future. I'll preface by saying that I am a huge Nole and Viking fan who was a BIG fan of Greg Reid in college. Much maligned as he was, he was on track to be a early pick in the draft until off the field issues and physical ruin decimated his chances of being an NFL player. He was a flashy, impact player on defense and one of the best special team players I've ever seen. He is many Nole fan's favorite players and I really think he can be successful in the NFL, even if only on special teams.

Measureables : 5'-8", 190 lbs, 29.68 arm length, ***4.46 40 yard dash (will be touched on below)


Insane short range burst that allows him to keep toe to toe with WR's out of their breaks and get away from gunners on punt returns. Really helps him when covering bigger receivers since he has the capability to out manuever them in their routes.

Excellent ball skills that can change games. He has excellent hands to pluck the ball out of the air and punch balls out to cause fumbles. When he gets the ball in his hands, he is as good as any WR. Easily capable of returning kicks and punts at an elite level and making a QB pay for a bad throw with 6 points. His return stats won't tell you this, but it was almost comical how insistently persistent Reid was fielding punts. He would almost never call for a fair catch, and several times even let the ball bounce around before picking it up and gaining a few yards. Risky, but never turned wrong and always productive, despite killing his average. 37 punts returned in 14 games is RIDICULOUS.

Deceptive athleticism/lumber bringer. Reid is not scared of contact one damn bit, which has occasionally got him into flag trouble, some warranted, some not. Overall though, he's had a lot more clean hits than questionalble ones. Weighing in at 190, you wouldn't think he'd be able to crush college football's elite in the open field, but you'd be extremely wrong. I'll just leave these here and move along...

Good coverage skills. While he was quite inconsistent in this area at Florida State, he was above average in his last season at FSU. While he projects as a true slot corner in the NFL, he did rather well on the outside in many snaps. While being rather bad in coverage his sophmore year, he drastically improved in all facets of the game in 2011. Despite being above average in coverage, I still don't think he had reached his ceiling when FSU was forced to cut him. His ceiling in the slot is incredible.

Weaknesses/Negatives :

There is a difference between deceptive speed and deceptive quickness, and Reid epitomizes it. While possessing elite short range burst, he does not have a great top speed. While certainly not slow, he can fool you into thinking he's the fastest person on the field by blowing by you with his acceleration, when in reality he is only an average speedster. Could struggle against the faster slot recievers in the NFL on deep routes.

While Reid was good at run defending in college, his small stature will likely make him a liability in the NFL unless he learns to disengage blocks more efficiently and wrap up consistently. He is a rather built 190, but physicality will only get you so far when you're consistently giving up, at minimum, 4 inches and 30 pounds to everyone.

Reid had a number of run-ins with the law during his time at FSU. While none of them individually were anywhere near serious enough for him to be kicked off the team (marijuanna, lying to a police officer, driving without a license, marijuanna again), Florida State has one of the stricter team rules in the NCAA. Three strikes and he was out, proving that no matter how good you are, you are not above the team rules. I don't think there is cause for concern here though, as he's gone more than two years clean and I think he got a major wake up call after being dismissed.

Soon after transferring from FSU to Valdosta State, Reid tore his ACL just weeks before the start of the 2012 season. Nine months later, tragedy struck, and he tore it again during spring practice, clearly rushing back from the injury too quickly and paying the price. That seemed to be the end of Reid's football career, but he showed up to FSU's pro day a week ago and really impressed the multitude of scouts in attendance with his measureables, including what is said to be a great 40 time. While he seems to be back to 100%, he's yet to be hit low, and it's still a concern.

Video of him running can be seen here:

Prognosis :

He's quite compareable to Tyrann Mathieu in terms of skill, playstyle, and deceptive physicality, and I think he can make a similar impact to what Mathieu's done thus far. I think sitting him one year to refine his skills (he has been out of football for a while) would be benificial, but he could be a good starter at CB early in his career. Tavon Austin is a good punt returner, but Reid is the best I've ever seen at turning nothing into something. I think Reid could take over immediately and be an upgrade there. For a minimum contract, you can't pass up on talent like this.


Feel free to ask me any questions about any Florida State prospects, I'll be around to answer them. Thanks for reading : )

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