Oakland is on the Clock! You are the GM!

After taking every last second, of their allotted 15 minutes of fame, the Cleveland Browns select Quarterback Johnny Manziel!

Johnny Football surrounded by his ever present teammates!

TST Draft

1. Houston Texans- QB Blake Bortles

2. Atlanta via trade with Rams- Jadeveon Clowney

3. Jacksonville - QB Teddy Bridgewater

4. Cleveland- QB Johnny Manziel

The Oakland Raiders are on the Clock! You are the GM! Let's take a close look at your needs!

Oakland Raider Needs- Quarterback, Offensive Line, and Wide Receiver

Quarterback- The top Three Quarterbacks are off the board. So, what did you go and do? You traded a sixth round draft pick to the Houston Texans for quarterback Matt Schaub! Now you got to pay the little Dutch boy 10.5 million a year to plug a hole, in a dike with his finger! In other words, Matt Schaub isn't the long term answer. That's right! You need another quarterback, yet, reaching for Derek Carr at #5 makes no sense. " Nothing to see here folks. Move on."

Scruples err.... Offensive Line- You only have yourself to blame for pushing Rodger Saffold around! Serves you right that the TST voters gave the top 3 QB's to other teams, and now your stuck with Matt Schaub. Shame on you! Still, in the NFL it's easier to get forgiven then permission. Yep, you stole a page from New England's Spy Gate Secret Manual! You'll get your comeuppance! Before the year is out, it will be Rodger Saffold's turn to push your folks around. Hide and watch!

Well let's look at your offensive line. You got 2nd year OT Menelic Watson, and you just acquired OT Austin Howard. Your guards are hardly worth mentioning, and that pair of OT's make you nervous. Lucky for you the top 2 offensive tackles are still on the board. Greg Robinson and Jake Mathews. Oh yeah, Taylor Lewan is tempting, especially since he's up for assault and battery charges.

Wide Receiver- Quick, name an Oakland Raider wide receiver? Exactly! Give yourself a skull and crossbones if you named an Oakland wide out within 5 seconds. Sammy Watkins and Mike Evans are in play.

Luxury Pick - Khalil Mack might make Peyton Manning wet his pants.

What player will you pick? I suggest you forgo your usual Rock, Scissors , Paper methed, and use your head this time.

Oakland is on the Clock! You are the GM! Whom do you choose. Tick, tock...

Oakland's draft ends 12 Noon Monday morning. Any ties will be decided by a subsequent tiebreaker draft.

Next up- Saint Louis Rams

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