The Ultimate Team

Let's just give this a try... Like many of you (hopefully), I'm a huge football fan. At a ripe old age of 25, I may not have gotten a chance to see Unitas or Payton, but due to our generation's increased technology, I've seen plenty of film of these legends in their prime and the kind of destruction they caused on the field. With that being said, I'd like to take this time to share with you...

dun, dun, dun duuun... My Ultimate Team

This team is created by the best players of all time (in my opinion of course), so don't be shocked or upset to not see your personal favorites make the list.


Peyton Manning - While he may not have the best post season record, his regular season record speaks for itself. This man is a general and can translate a team's attitude and style of play.


Barry Sanders - If Tavon Austin and Marshall Faulk were to have a love child, Barry Sanders would be the outcome. Wow, just an incredible player to watch. I imagine if YouTube was around in his time, he would have his own "Only One" video blowing up social media.


Jerry Rice and Randy Moss - One was the greatest route runner of all time and the other was the biggest mismatch of all time. Jerry Rice, who many would consider the greatest NFL player of all time, certainly has a lot on his resume. No body produced like he did as he took receiving to a whole new level. I suppose we could be saying the same thing about Randy Moss, although, despite his eye popping numbers, I believe he never hit his true ceiling (let's just ignore the Brady years and focus on Minnesota). He probably could have owned multiple receiving records if he could've kept his head on straight. Side note - Calvin Johnson looks to be a GOAT in the making.


Tony Gonzalez - Big Tony revolutionized the tight end position and paved the way for guys like Gronk and Blake Griffin...excuse me, I mean Jimmy Graham. This man holds the record for every career receiving stat for a tight end. Is there any question?


Orlando Pace and Walter Jones - much as it pains me, a lifelong Seahawk made the list. Walter Jones was a pure brick wall, and there's no telling what he could've done if he wasn't so injury prone. As far as Pace goes, us Rams fans saw plenty of him in action as he became a stable for the GSOT and the pancaking master.


Bruce Matthews and Larry Allen - just seems a little weird to me that despite having Bruce Matthews and coaching along with Mike Munchak, Fisher doesn't put a higher emphasis on linemen in the draft...? Anyway, Matthews will go down as the greatest offensive lineman of all time, and because of him, "Matthews" is right up there with "Long" as far as strong bloodlines go in the NFL. An absolute bully. Larry Allen on the other hand, will probably go down as the strongest NFL player in history. His pure brute force made teams constatnly rethink about what to do to close running lanes. I believe a lot of Emmitt Smith's success was a direct connection to Allen's blocking.


Jim Otto - Whenever I hear this guy's name, I can't help but to think of how clueless I was. I was unaware of his success until NFL Network released their 100 GOAT list. This opened my eyes to his rugged style of play which matched the play of the Raiders during the 70's, and the 12 Pro-Bowls/AFL All Star visits along with the 13 All-Pro/All AFL rewards speak for themselves.


Reggie White and Deacon Jones - One man holds the true sack record while the other man holds the unoffical sack record(s). Reggie White was a master at taking the QB down while Deacon Jones lead the Fearsome Foursome with his constant ability to get pressure on the QB. Absolutely terrifying to be a QB facing a line with these guys. It took EVERYTHING IN MY BODY to not include Bruce Smith, but who would he replace?


"Mean" Joe Green and Alan Page - They didn't call Joe Green "mean" for no reason. Just look up his games. He absolutely bullied opposing lineman and constantly won the battle at the point, not to mention he's the Robby Horry of NFL ring bearers. Alan Page was as versatile as it gets (probably because now days, he'd be considered way undersized), but his football IQ showed on every play. His stature showed on nearly every snap as he would dart through the middle of the line putting QB's on their backs.


Lawrence Taylor and Derrick Thomas -, my, my. Because of Taylor, teams put an emphasis on grabbing elite lineman. This man was a pure monster with an attitude to match. Derrick Thomas was also a force to be reckoned with. While Taylor was an all around more polished LB, Thomas was a pure pass rusher...scratch that, a helluva pass rusher.


Ray Lewis and Dick Butkus - Ray Lewis will go down as probably the biggest defensive playmaker in history. His integrity on the field was unmatched, his football IQ was off the charts and his play spoke for itself. 2000 tackles, 42 sacks and 31 interceptions...yikes. Dick Butkus on the other hand will probably go down as the person with the worst name in the history of mankind. Just kidding...he was one of the most intimidating players to ever grace the field. One thing that these two had in common that not many could match was their inspiration of the Madden Hit Stick.


Deion Sanders and Rod Woodson - Leon Sandcastle, ladies and gentlemen. Showtime is STILL the greatest athlete to touch the gridiron, and arguably, one of the greatest pure athletes of all time. Outside of his personality, his blazing speed and lockdown/return skills more than made up for his poor tackling. Rod Woodson on the other hand, used his strength and technique to become one of the best ball hawks of all time (not to mention he was a pretty good tackler,eventually converting over to safety).


Paul Krause and Ed Reed - Krause was THE MAN. With 81 career interceptions, he clearly took ball hawking to a new level...until Reed came around. Not only can Reid track the ball down and pick it off, but he can also take it to the matter the distance to the endzone.


Morten Anderson/Ray Guy - Morten Anderson should really enter an Iron Man competition. Despite being a kicker, he was an NFL player for 25 years. With that comes plenty of records that would take a scroll to list. Ray Guy paved the way for Sebastian showing that teams are willing to draft a special teamer in the first round (dumbest shit ever IMO). Anyway, Ray Guy had the most reliable leg of all time from the punter's position, and even became the first punter to ever be inducted into the HOF this past year.


Devin Hester - No expo needed. The records. The highlights. The consistency...and he's still going.

Well, anyway, there's my Ultimate Team. Who would you all put on yours?

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