Trade Option: DeSean Jackson?

While watching SportsCenter this morning, a peculiar headline caught my eye. Its rumored that Philadelphia is open to any trade offers for DeSean Jackson.

All this talk about an elite receiver, and a perfect opportunity rises to grab a sure fire one. Its speculated that the lowest thing that Philly would trade Jackson for is a third round pick. Now stay with me here, if we grab Jackson for a 2nd or 3rd round pick, we could trade our #2 pick for a 2nd and 3rd rounder with ATL, grab the best Linemen available (i.e Lewan, Matthews, Robinson) at #6, then go about our draft normally with an extra 2nd round pick. After hearing different sides of arguments about what to do with our first round picks, this idea solves everything. But before we jump into anything too spectacular here, lets take a look at Jackson's stats over his carreer.

DeSean Jackson

2013 Philadelphia Eagles 16 82 1,332 16.2 83.2 61T 9 25 8 60 1
2012 Philadelphia Eagles 11 45 700 15.6 63.6 77T 2 9 2 30 1
2011 Philadelphia Eagles 15 58 961 16.6 64.1 62T 4 15 5 39 0
2010 Philadelphia Eagles 14 47 1,056 22.5 75.4 91T 6 21 8 33 2
2009 Philadelphia Eagles 15 62 1,156 18.6 77.1 71T 9 18 10 40 2
2008 Philadelphia Eagles 16 62 912 14.7 57.0 60 2 17 2 43 1
TOTAL 87 356 6,117 17.2 70.3 91 32 105 35 245


As you can see, in Jackson's worst season, he still had more yards than most of our receivers annually. He has achieved that glorious 1,000 yd mark three times. PLUS hes coming off his season as a receiver in the NFL. Clearly, this kid is in his prime and is a force to be reckoned with. He's a perfect fit for the horns and will compliment Tavon Austin. With two speedsters flying down the sideline and burning up the turf, and Quick still there as a big guy who may have a breakout year, we can add the elite receiver we've yearned for since the days of Holt and Bruce, as well as concentrate on our Oline and secondary in the draft. Now I'm not saying the Rams will do this, it's just a scenario I played out in my head. But in my eyes, I think it's a great idea and should definitely be taken into consideration. Whatever scenario DOES play out, I hope Snisher can turn our team around from our dismal pass and take us to the Promised Land.

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