Cleveland Tie Breaker Draft- Johnny Manziel or Sammy Watkins!

The votes have been tabulated and it's a tie folks! That's just the way Cleveland rolls. The Cleveland Browns had just two head coaches in their first 26 years of existence! The Cleveland coaching job has been a revolving door ever since. In the last 14 years, with 8 Head Coaches passing each other in through the out door. Before that? Cleveland didn't have a team for two years! And then there's the story of Cleveland's river catching on fire!

The Cleveland Curse has descended upon the heads of the TST voting public. It's not your fault. It's a curse that hasn't been broken for 50 years.!

Johnny Football or Sammy Watkins? Let's take a closer look.

johnny manziel

Johnny Manziel, aka Johnny Football, aka Johnny Heisman!

Fun Fact- In 2013 Johnny Manziel rushed the ball 65 fewer times, and threw for 14 more touchdowns then in his Heisman year. What does it all mean?

Johnny is smart enough to know he must adapt his game to the pro game. He knows he is not immune to getting his block knocked off by vicious linebackers. Johnny has been working hard, this entire offseason, on passing in the pocket, and using his legs to extend plays. I'm sure there will be times that Johnny will run for first downs and TD's. As I type this, Manziel is working on his baseball slide. Manziel may be cocky, but he's not stupid. Manziel plays BIG in big games, ask Nick Saban,

Sammy Watkins in mid flight!

Sammy Watkins caught 70% of his passes with 5 yards of the line of scrimmage. Why? Because Sammy is elusive and gained 8.48 yards after the catch. That's huge. Watkins is also very dangerous over the top. Watkins caught 101 passes in 2013 and dropped only 5. Going over the middle, for possession type passes, is the biggest knock on Sammy Watkins.

If Cleveland drafts Watkins, they can pair him up with Josh Gordon, creating a devastating dynamic duo of wide receivers. Reminds me of the Chicago Bears duo of Alshon Jeffery's and Brandon Marshall. Makes you wonder how the Bears didn't make the playoffs with Matte Forte in the backfield.

Rams Fun Fact- In a 42-21 Rams victory last year, the Rams cornerbacks held their own against Brandon Marshall and Alshon Jeffery, allowing only 159 combined receiving yards and 1 TD.

Cleveland's on the Clock...again! Your the GM. Johnny Manziel or Sammy Watkins.

Draft ends Sunday at 12 Noon Eastern Time. Tick tock...

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