Cleveland is on the Clock! You are the GM!

Despite a poor Pro Day, The Jacksonville Jaguars selected Teddy Bridgewater with the Third pick of the 2014 NFL Draft!

Cleveland is on the clock. You are the GM. Whom will you select, to turn your franchise around. Cleveland hasn't won a championship since LBJ succeeded JFK as President of the United States. Truth is, Cleveland hasn't won a championship in any sport in 50 years. Thank God the Rams got out of Cleveland when the getting was good.

Fun Fact

The Rams are the only team in NFL history to win the NFL Championship three separate Cities. Cleveland, Los Angeles, and Saint Louis!

Cleveland's Needs- Quarterback, Running Back, and Wide Receiver

Congratulations on your promotion to GM! You hit the ground running, as you released Quarterbacks Brandon Weeden and Jason Campbell during the first week of free agency! You are loaded with extra picks in this draft, including the 4th and 26th pick in the first round and the 35th pick overall in the draft!

The Rumor going round the NFL, is you want to draft a Quarterback and a Wide Receiver with your first two picks. But necessarily in that order. Johnny Manziel and Derek Carr are the only 1st round QB's left after the Texans took Black Bortles, and Jacksonville took Teddy Bridgewater.

Running Back- Is there a Running Back worth the 4th pick in the draft? Short answer? No!

The Browns previous GM selected Josh Gordon in the second round of the 2012 NFL Supplemental Draft. That was a steal, considering Josh led the entire NFL in total receiving yards last year. You want another stud to line up accoss from Josh Gordon. Sammy Watkins and Mike Evans are in play with # 4 pick.

Important questions- Do you want to use your first pick in the first round on a QB and pick #26 on a wide receiver? Or, would you rather use your first pick on a wide receiver and pick #26 on a QB. Remember this is the deepest Wide Receiver draft in years. Lets look at possible pairings-

Use pick #4 on Johnny Manziel, and use your 26th pick on a Wide Receiver like Brandon Cooks, Odell Beckham, and Kelvin Benjamin?

Or, do you could select Sammy Watkins or Mike Evans with your 4th pick, and target Dekek Carr at 26?.

Luxury Picks- Khalil Mack is still on the board! Offensive Tackles Greg Robinson, and Taylor Lewan.

Cleveland is on the Clock! Your are the GM. Whom will you choose?

Draft ends at 10:00 AM Eastern time Saturday March 22. In the event of a tie there will be a tiebreaker draft this weekend.

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