Alright! Everybody get a towel. Run some warm water over it. Wring it out and wipe your eyes!

Take a deep breath and kick your heels up! Chill a little bit. Heck, go getcha, a crappy fraapachino,a shot of espresso,...or what ever tickles your fancy. But Chill. We gottem right where we want them! Guessing! Now reaching out there. Because there are not any enough good prospects out there. regarding QB's. So let's seize the day. Some 70 days from now on May the 8th we are going to be sitting pretty!

The coaches and scouts have been exposed to the talent pool. And all that entails. I have heard things like. He did alright! I think he looked pretty good. And the like. Nobody said; He stunk! He needs a little more time. Or Gees Weezee, that guy should have stayed in school. But they meant it! No body has the top skills to be recruited at a #1 pick. No body!!!

But we have a few out there that will reach a little bit. Within the next few days Vick, Freeman and Schaub will have new homes. Hence why none of them are really running naked in the kitchen.Houston grabbed Fitzpatrick for a good tool. Teaching and to shoulder the burden when it hits the fan. They are still very likely to take a QB with the first pick. I surely hope so. That would be just the sweetest thing to kick things off. We all feel that way. Though they may even wait. I say no way! Even and because of the sad talent at the QB position. I don't believe they have the strength to wait. If they do go another route, every dynamic changes throughout the draft. They could really stir the pot. Sort of hate to even go there. So that will wait. But believe me when I say that ALL teams have considered this scenario. So let's just stick with,..they do!

We have mas huevos! Big hairy ones. Sorry ladies. Cause Snead has to stand there and work a deal. And work it fast. Nothin new right? Well if Houston takes Bortles, that is one thing. If they go to Bridgwater it would change things tremendously. The Jaguars aren't taking Teddy. The Browns aint taking Teddy! The Browns aren't taking a QB at there first pick. PERIOD. Meh, that's what I think anyway. They have resolved to work with Hoyer. They even let Campbell go as back up. They will pick up a target choice later. Maybe at 26 maybe not. But later! We really really want Houston to take Bortles. Because it is very very possible that the Jaguars would take him. But if Houston pulls the trigger we should be in a better spot to trade. The Jaguars may then look to Carr before Teddy or Johnny Football. And That raises the hairs on The Viking and the Raider. Really at this spot( #3 Jaguars), Who or what they want does not matter. The other two will be talking to us. When or if you fine Ram's fans can see this I feel that Atlanta will have to offer the goods with a 2015 1st round to compete. And I have not been sold on that coming to fruition. Not sure if any will go that high with an offer. But I think Bortles going at #1 is a must for "business". I'm not sure if the same fear in urgency will occur if Houston goes to Carr right away. Perhaps. Ya see Oakland or the Vikings have to be hard up to then fight ...much, for Bortles. If Houston pulls that (didn't they draft his brother?) then other teams will battle with Jag n Vik 2nd and 3rd round. Which is one of my points. The QB battle will occur early 2nd round picks with a few of the QB starved teams. Obvious the 3rd or 4th one taken will be at #26(Brownie) or 35.

Ya see! I have to resolve that a more conventional BAP for team position needs and that value/caliber of the draftee. It's likely to occur. I think the previous paragraph defines our best position to be in. I know we all have opinions about this so..splain it to me Lucy. How can things .....ha..the first pick define our best advantage. I'm not sold on the everyone will jump for Clowney thing. Mack has made a great work of it. Now Ealy, Ford, Mosley and Barr have made their case. Caught some eyes! Why trade up and give away for these "good" players. "Not great" players. that's why eye want you to clear your I's. Clowney has been portrayed as a once in a decade talent. Yeah sure! Remember him riding light? Mailing it in? Just weeks ago that was the take. Sure he stood up straight. Ran an enormous 40, and the lot. Are you blind? The pro's aren't. This is a business. Money money money. Lose your job...Not For Long...lose your job business. These guys are PROSPECTS. And just that! ALL of them!

Except for ONE. In my opinion. This is why i say wipe your eyes.

Clowney and the beast in Robinson are both seen to be almost...pretty solid to be called once in a life time...once in 10 years..."generational talents. Yes these two are strong contenders. Raunchy bad ass's. i watched film on Robinson again and again. they kept talking about how he got up field and KO'd a DB with an huge block. And he did. He is a road grader. Grind it out bull of a lineman. I saw him miss and or let players by him also. Players that stop his runner or qb get hammered for loses also. Everybody gets beat. Some. Watkins seems to have good hands,speed,size?,..but we have realized via stat and film that he is good. Green, Marshall, Johnson, Julio kinda good....NO! Perhaps sometime later he may be. Maybe. And on and on. I am not negating or attempting to trash on any here. These and others are great...strong prospects for the NFL. Each will serve a team well. But who is a player at their given position that you can build around. The top notch cat daddy of their respective position. OL? Wr? Front 7? DB? I will not show any Qb's here. Simply because. That's the way I roll. I will list some players below. you tell me who the guy is. The ONE that is the BEST for us. The BEST to build around. WHO?

HA ha














I love the ponies. And these guys are that young stallions. Lot of upside. But when your looking at a horse race and two days before the race he is the chalk. The odds on favorite! But the morning of the race comes and at the track when the betting starts. Someone slaps a bit of money on the 2nd 3rd in odds. And who ever starts getting a lot of attention. The odds go down on the new...up and coming favorite due to all of the attention. He becomes the front runner on the boards. While this occurs other horse odds go up, cause the new fav and a couple of others start getting attention. Bettors see that the pre-post favorite of a few days ago must be vulnerable. So money flies toward others as shots....shots. Risky business occurs. So the new fav keeps getting most of the money and others go up and down as money spreads across the field. People who have not seen...seen, the true works of these guys. Their history. They negated why the Morning chalk was just that . The best by all standards. Standards of logistics. Professionals who called it in the beginning. These people went and jumped on the band wagon with hopes and dreams. They lost track of reality by performance. By trainer. Breeding was thrown aside. And past performance of the "morning chalk"was devalued because somebody saw that another horse ran as fast, as far, once or twice before. One of the other horses getting attention ran just as fast in a training session. He was fairly well groomed. Even had some good races before. But not enough to really know that he could hang. But maybe,maybe he can, people thought. So people throw lunch and dinner(perhaps tomorrows brunch) at betting windows. Yeah let me in there I want some of this action. I watch and see that yesterdays chalk moved up a few ticks cause the new stud was getting money thrown at him. Then when post time comes and all moneys are spread out. Some going up higher than they should cause a few quasi talented competitors. And the Quasi few going down, I notice that.....El PRIMO, the morning chalk still sits with not the precise same "shortest" odds as coming into the day. But close. His odds really weren't effected by all of the other play. I go to the window and Throw down when this happens. I hit it hard. RIGHT BETWIXT DA EYES! When this happens two things are very very solid bets. One is that - THE ONE that came to the party as #1 and didn't move around much. Even with all the bravado and mirrors. Is a lock to be in the money. He is a lock to come in no less than second. He is indeed the key in the race. You can put him in first or second in a wheel. Secondly it is so so very common that mr, new #1 does not run with him. It is the others that had their odds go up due to the bravado of this new fantasy with the new PROSPECT. Those guys make money in the race and so do I.

Think about who has the history, the training and breeding. That is the ONE.. Oh and remember when the combines started and before? He was the projected CHALK.

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