Off Season Ideals

Lets get to it.

Free agency:

Cut Scot Wells, Harvey Dahl

Let Dunbar walk

Restructure Finnegan

Resign Saffold

Sign Malcolm Jenkins


Trade down with Browns, pick up there two first rounders, trade down again with falcons to six and get there second rounder. This could work if the Browns need a QB and the Falcons see the chance to grab Clowny. Then we could trade back with 13 as well, lets say a team like the Jets who could covet Aron Donald and pick up another second rounder. Thats very hypothtical but its nonetheless reasonable to think we could trade down with the second pick as well.


With so much depth and developmental talent at WR for the rams, there isn't much use in adding a wide out that isn't a special player like Sammy.


Zach Martin could play tackle in the NFL well, but he also has the versatility to kick inside to Guard. This will be a asset when Long comes back because we will be able to keep the best 5 lineman on the field with Long,Martin,Wells,Saffold/Dahl,Barksdale. As opposed to Long,Willams/Shelly/Day2pick, Wells, Saffold/Dahl,Robinson/Mathews. It might seem risky to pass on a chance at a franchise LT with Longs injury history, but I'm convinced this regime sees tackles as guys they can coach up and don't need to draft as high.


Rams don't have much outside of Langford and Brockers. That could be a scary three man rotation and the perfect situation for Hageman to maximize his potential.

37(falcons):Kyle Van Noy

Need a starter who is disruptive, but also will be off the field in nickel.

44:Lamarcus Joyner

Undersized but super productive and versatile player in the secondary.

49(Jets):Tre Mason

Could be a scary one two punch. This is the Rams having accumulated enough picks to draft for value as opposed to need.

75: Weston Richburg

Rams pick up a center, this assumes they cut Scot Wells.

Late Rounds: Developmental QB, Depth at CB, Draft for value.

After all this the offense would look like

WR:Watkins, Austin, Baily, Cook




The defense would look like

DL:Quin,Brookers, Langford/Hageman,Long/Hayes

LB:Olgetree,Larinitus, Van Noy


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