Ah Spring! When a young man's fancy turns to...the NFL Draft

Never before have I paid such close attention to the NFL draft, nor educated myself on so many players and positions. I blame Jeff Fisher and Les Snead.....they got me excited to be a Rams fan again......those bastards!

Watching last season was an agony. There were so many good things happening, it just seemed to fall a bit short. Most of the time. When it clicked, we smoked some good teams. Yes, it very much seems like just one or two pieces and we are serious contenders.

Even before the hiring of Greg Williams, I (lead by some of ya'll) homed in on the position of Free Safety as our most glaring need. Especially after the resigning of Saffold, I submit it is our most pressing single need. Yes, there are other holes to fill, no question, but some talent at FS will make the single biggest impact next year. Thinking that as I do, it should come as no surprise that I have spent some serious time studying up on HaSean Clinton-Dix and Calvin Pryor.

It has been a tumultuous ride! First, I liked HaHa, then Calvin, then I was neutral, just hoping we picked one of them in the draft. Currently, I am firmly back on HaHa's side. I have spent time on other safeties, like Ed Reynolds and conclude that they will be work-a-day players in the NFL. Good, not great. Naturally, my crystal ball is on the fritz again and I can not say if HaHa or Calvin will be great in the NFL....only that the potential is there. I side with HaHa over Calvin as he is a more rangy FS type. From what I have seen of Calvin, he will be an excellent SS, but that is not our need. We need someone to stop the over-the-top play that offenses will be forced into, to avoid our pass rush. Think about that one desperate TD pass by Russell Wilson in the first Seattle game......

Anyhoo.....Our Rams didn't even nod in the general direction of one of the top Safeties in Free Agency. Given that the position is critical to a Greg Williams defense, I have to take that as a clear sign that their intentions are to acquire one in the draft.

Then I read this.....

Bastards! Who do they think they are?

After taking a deep breath and doing a few relaxation exercises (sometimes known as 'drinking'), I got to this posturing? Are they looking to us as a potential trade-back partner?

Yes, they need a Safety after losing Louis Delmas, but at pick 10? That seems too high. Some experts, even while mocking HaHa to us at #13, say that is a stretch. Something that I am inclined to agree with. With much talk by the experts and our own Front Office's actions, it is well known that we need a FS and are probably looking to the draft to fill that need.

So, now what?

With what looks like a serious contender to pick up three picks ahead of us, what would you do?

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