Sammy is dead. Gone. Taken away!

I agree with our desires for the top WR in this draft. Yet we must face reality.

Houston should pick their 'franchise' QB of the future. They may flip and take Sammy. Not likely. So we are standing here with #2. And there is a lot of speculation about trading down. That being said, Atlanta is the apparent choice. They want Clowney! But look at other teams needs and situations that have been set via FA. Some logical conclusions must be made. The Jaguars and Cleveland are going to draft QB's with their first picks. Upper 90+ percent reality. It is possible that Cleveland wants to jump Jacksonville for that QB. But I personally do not believe Cleveland will give enough to vault passed Atlanta. We just don't know yet. But at #5 Oakland will take Sammy. I have no doubt. They got their LT in Penn from Tampa via FA. They will probably grab Vick. We shall see. That is my take! If that indeed does happen....YES, Sammy is gone!

If not, lets look at #6. More If's. What if Sammy is gone? What do we do?

Now let me tell you if you don't already see this. Between picks 7 to 12 at least two OL will be gone. Robinson with Mathew or a top Guard will be gone. And between 7 and 12 three or four DB's will be gone. Two safeties or more. 2 and 2. Or 3 safeties and 1 corner. I feel the only way that my numbers are wrong is if NYG take a WR or DL. Yet still the reality of both top choice S and top Tackles will be gone!

Sure there are some ins and outs that will change the orders of position choices. But HA ha, Pryor, Robinson and Mathews(OT) will be GONE. We will not see the light of day regarding this. Unless magic occurs. ***

I want us all to look at this as truth. I know not everyone will agree. Yet we need to look at picking with #2 or even #6 which direction the Rams should take. Now also look at picks behind us. We may not pick again until #44. There are 15 others searching for a safety or corner before we pick again. There are 16 or more looking for O line support not counting Centers!!!( Just a note: We worked Bitonio at center at his pro day)

Now, let me take a breath. To get here is why I say all of the previous. I see a lot of trading up and down ect. All of the above. With dreams of grandeur. And indeed with reckless abandon. Is't like running with scissors. DON'T DO IT. What should we do with that #2 or #6 and the #13. We may not get a trade down of much gain. Last year Snead paid multiple selections to trade up. A good thing for that targeted ONE. Now in day two we may have intel to target someone. Or even if we are lucky enough to get a trade with Atlanta and get their second #37, we may have ability to make a move.. With any of our picks, we may have power to sway the Jets maybe! They will trade up almost guaranteed.(Again, my prophecy). Ryan may even trade up for Mack or a DB. That sort of resolve very well could be what Fisher and Snead see. I think the guys 'we' see as shooting stars are askew! They usually see the root character and tools that we don't know. With players not in this 'top' list that they want to target down the line. I think the Jets may be a great tool for us here. You have to see who's likely to leave the board with the next 20 or more picks.

Say Sammy is gone to Oak. With 6 and seeing what to do with #13, should we indeed take the OL? Or the Safety? Do we just forget our ideal needs because Snisher knows we will trade up for a particular lineman in 2nd or 3rd? And take MACK at #6 not for need but value? I think they will powerhouse a deal to target our 2nd choice by using the extra round 2 pick from the Falcon trade. It with the #13 to move up say with Minnesota. The truth is that if something like this does not happen, we the fans won't understand the truths that Snead sees.

We got one shot at one player of choice. Then it is conventional traditional wait your turn and pray. There are no less than 4 teams loaded and prepared to do the same. Using the tact of packaging mid and late round picks for a BAP. And we will see it used!

So who is our stud? Sammy at #2? Maybe the Clown? Or at #6 Mack? Do we hammer out or future rotation for the OL or do we tag 2 DB's? That's what I want to here!!!!

By the way. If you look at who picks for what between 13 and our 44 you will realize that 7 or more WR;s will be gone. Very likely. So don't try to blow that smoke about grabbing this or that at 44,47,53 or what ever. They will not be there!

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