How I feel about the draft

Ok I put this in a comment section but I am hoping i get more responses if I post it.

OT- I think taking G Robinson after trading back is a great idea. I know everyone wants to be the GSOT again but I don't see that happening with Schotty or Bradford(Sorry, I love him but he isn't the second coming of Manning) We are a run first team and quit frankly as much as I hate him Schotty can make that work really well. So if Robinson is there after after a trade down to say 6 take him, he can play guard for a while as he develops as a Pass pro. If he isn't I like Lewan over Matthews because I believe we can run the ball better with him. (remember we need a big nasty to still push the big NFC W lines, ie. Justin Smith)

S-I know a lot of people are really high on Pryor and I think he is good, but more so at SS. He is a big hitter but he doesn't wrap up and a lot of his big hits come on running plays (that I saw) and not wrapping up Gore or Lynch (especially) is a big problem. I think HaHa is very comparable to Bucannon and I think Bucannon is a better value and hits harder (since we all like that) plus they both wrap up. They are both a little rangier in coverage and pretty similar with Bucannon having the edge in combine performance. Also I know he is listed as a CB but I really like joyner as a Safety (plays REALLY fast, and still gives a good thump

CB-I know they say this class is deep but i think there is a drop off from the top 3. My list goes Verret, I like his blend of coverage and how he isn't afraid to hit. Dennard I know his combine wasn't great but watch his tape because the dude is always right on the guys hip. And finally Gilbert I really like the pure athleticism and his tape is pretty good but i did notice him not sticking his mans hip a bit, granted he does recover well but I am not as high on him as others. Still a great player. We most likely can't get one of these guys outside round 1.

OG-only putting this here in case we don't get our man early, plus i like the idea of maybe going Oline two times early this draft. My top here goes Su'a-Filo already run blocks awesome, Yankey he can be another Saffold(minus the injuries) and play anywhere and then Jackson.

OLB-I don't think this is as big of position we need to address this year with Dunbar back and having promising youth behind him. You could try to change my mind though.

WR-I think this class of WR's is pretty good, but i don't like the idea Watkins. That isn't because I think he is bad just not as good as everyone else thinks he is. He has a limited route tree, I have only see him go up and grab the ball one and I don't think is fast enough to run past defenders like he did in college. Also we have a few players who can do what he does right now, he just makes me think Torrey Smith not AJ Green Which isn't bad but not worth a top 10 pick. Evans is a good prospect but I still don't see a huge route tree from him, indifferent really. I would love Marqiese Lee, runs fairly good routes, is just as explosive as Sammy with the ball in his hands BUT he seems to catch the ball with his body and thats just not something I would want to take on. A great late round guy is Brandon Coleman 6'6" with excellent hands so if you really want Evans this guy would be a good back up taller, just as fast, stronger but doesn't have as large of vertical. MY GUY I really want is Jordan Matthews 6'3" with sub 4.5 speed, strong bench with 21 reps and a decent vertical 35.5 but what really separates him is the dudes hands. He makes me think Brandon Marshall not going to beat you deep to often but will use good routes and make all the catches, personally I like him over all other WR's in this Draft. My next player who i think runs probably the best routes along with good hands is Allen Robinson and I wouldn't be upset if we got him.-- Sorry for the long WR but I know its one position everyone is really worried about.

DT-I don't think this a is a must this year but It would be nice to add some depth. That being said Watch Aaron Donalds highlights, he dominates everyone. IDK how much that is from who he plays though and he is a bit small for a DT but I do like him. My next 3 are Jones (penn st) Hageman and Anthony Johnson. Hageman is huge at 6'6"and can swat balls and if he falls to somewhere I like yeah grab him, but i don't think he is so much better than Johnson or Jones that if he isn't we don't wait. I find those two pretty comparable and wouldn't mind either one.

Alright this is where I make a mock(or 2), be warned I will throw in some trades.

Trade down from 2 to 6 with ATL ( I would love the CLE trade but im starting to see that slip away) we get another 2 and next years 1

6-Greg Robinson-love it and instant boost to run game and can be played as OT in the future.

Trade 13 to CAR for 28 their 2nd and 3rd-I know MIKE EVANS but they like him now w/o ANY WR's and I would be suprised if we got more than this

28-Verrett-other two are gone and the kid looks like a perfect fit as a slot corner

2.5-Jordan Matthews-You already know

2.12-Yankey-Another versatile guy on the line adds depth and competition

2.28-Bucannon-My 3rd best safety and its a steal idc if he is mocked in the 3rd

3.11-A.J. Macarron-Someone needs to back up our often injured QB

3.28-Daquan Jones-We get more depth to our strongest unit and a possible replacement to Langford after this year

Only doing first two days-Snisher usually pick people last day I have never heard of, hey its their job and only my hobby

Alt. Mock 1

Trade 2 to Vikings who have yet to find anything for QB we get number 8 and their round 2, next years 1, and a round 5

1.8-Mike Evans-Robinson is gone and Lewan may be a slight reach, We get the big man

Trade 13 to Philly so they can get the safety they want before Chi and Dallas and Pitt we get 22, round 2 and their next years round 2

1.22-Dennard-Not super athletic but is like glue to WR's

2.8-Hageman-I know I know this is very unlikely that he drops this far, but unlikely things happen every year.

2.12-Su'a-Filo-No he isn't the OT of the future but he will open holes for Stacey

2.22-Bucannon-Again I know a little high but Idc

3.12-Mettenberger-Another back up. Yeah coming of injury but before that was being considered a first rounder, Ill take the chance.

Alt Mock 2 (last)

We get the trade everyone hopes (kinda) Cle trades their 1.4,1.26 and 2,3 for our 1.2 and 2.12 (think this added up this with the chart)

1.4-Greg Robinson-Do i really need to explain anymore

1.13-Aaron Donald-another big ugly but he could make us be even better at racking up sacks.... seriously look at his tape

1.26-Verrett- don't love picking here with what was available but I do like verrett

2.3-Jimmie Ward-Didn't cover him earlier, watched his film and it was really good. BUT he did seem small and is from a smaller school. That being said this could be a reach but I'm trying to keep these a bit different.

3.11-Brandon Coleman-big body receiver.

Alright there you have it, tell me which one's you like best and give me any suggestions. Also I'm curious who else you guys would like me to watch.

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