Rams are on the Clock! Your're the Ram's GM

The Houston Texans select Quarterback Blake Bortles with the first pick of the 2014 Draft!

Well TST, it was a very close vote, with Blake Bortles squeaking by Jadeveon Clowney by a mere two votes!

Put on your GM hat and jacket, because you are on the clock! You got the #2 pick in the draft. Will you select a future Rams star at #2, or will you trade down for extra picks.. I will post several trade options in the poll you can vote on, along with players you can draft at # 2.

Rams Needs ( Which make sense at #2 pick)

Offensive Line - Resigning Saffold helped, yet experts and fans alike want the Rams to upgrade the offensive line. The only two offensive linemen in play at pick #2 are OT Greg Robinson and OT Jake Mathews. Robinson has the higher ceiling, and Mathews is more Pro Ready to start at OT.

Wide Receiver- Although Snead said he's happy the Rams young receivers, it's hard not to shake your head in disgust when the #1 WR for the Rams, Chris Givens was ranked #79 in the league in 2013.

Outside Linebacker- Since the Rams signed Dunbar, that decreases the need for an outside linebacker. Khalil Mack is climbing Big Boards like King Kong scaling the Empire State Building. Our own Misone has Khalil Mack at #1 on his big Board.

Luxury Pick- Jadeveon Clowney is the consensus #1 BPA from sea to shining sea.

Trade Back Options- I couldn't do this poll justice, without offering several trade back options. If a trade back option wins the poll, then the team who traded with the Rams will be on the clock tomorrow at #2.

For example:if the Rams trade back with Jacksonville option wins poll then Jacksonville picks tomorrow at #2. And the Rams will be on the clock in a few days #3, with options to trade down again, and select a player at #3. Your smart! You get the idea..

Trades- Rams most likely trading partners, with realistic compensation.

Rams trade #2 to Jags for Jags #3 and #39 pick in the draft

Rams trade #2 to Browns for Browns #4, 35th, and 102th picks

Rams trade #2 to Atlanta for #6, #37 pick, and a 1st round pick in 2015

Rams trade #2 to Minnesota for #8, #40, #104 picks, and 1st round pick in 2015.

Your on the clock and telephone with multiple NFL GM's, wheeling and dealing...Tick tock

Poll closes Wednesday March 19 at 4:00 PM Easter Standard Time. In the event of a tie, there will be 24 hour tie-breaker vote, on 19th-20th of March.

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