I'm just saying; AJ McCarron wouldn't be a bad choice

At the end of February, ESPN's Nick Wagoner wrote that Fisher was planning to make Austin Davis the No. 2 and Kellen Clemens the No. 3 if they brought Clemens back.

Well, Clemens is a San Diego Charger. So, now what?

I say, AJ McCarron would make a great prospect to compete for the No. 2 job in August.

Alabama quarterbacks have been pinned with the stereotype that they can't make it to the NFL because they've been spoiled by their college days. Surrounded by the top receivers, running backs and an offensive line that wouldn't surrender a sack, even if Genghis Khan was trying to rush their quarterback.

Greg McElroy got a lot of flack because he had never lost a game as a starting quarterback. That's a pretty impressive stat, if he wasn't on a team loaded top to bottom with talent on both sides of the ball.

But I look at McCarron and I see a mid-round pick (third or fourth) who could blossom into a sturdy back-up and eventually, a starter. Before you flip over your desk in appalling rage, know that I think McCarron won't become a starter until maybe his third or fourth year (if the guy before him doesn't drop to injury).

McCarron may not have the "WOW" factor like other prospects have. In fact, McCarron is a used Buick LeSabre. He may not be flashy, but gosh darn it, you can always count on him to get the job done.

Like some of you, I was once wary of McCarron; unsure if this kid was capable of transitioning to the unrelenting attack of an NFL defense.

But then I sat down and watched the game against Texas A&M this past season and my mind was changed. It wasn't one of those EUREKA moments, but his play opened up my eyes. I took a look at his stats and they weren't pretty, but good enough to be 43-6 as a starter and 27-5 against SEC teams.

After watching a few more games, on replay thanks to YouTube, I have come to the conclusion that McCarron would be a pretty solid pick for the Rams.

I watched five games (2012 & 13 vs A&M, 2012 &2013 vs LSU, 2012 vs Michigan), I have come to realize a few things about McCarron's play

  • It's true, he does not have great arm strength: McCarron is lethal within the 20 yard box. Anything over that is a coin toss.
  • He's not a scrambler, but can move within the pocket to avoid the rush: I watched the raw footage of his Pro Day and I love this guy's footwork. It's not flashy, but he can move around pretty quickly while staying in a throwing stance.
  • He has a nasty chest tattoo. This has nothing to do with football. But it's big and gross.

O.K., let's say we agree with you (We definitely agree on the tattoo, we looked it up on Google. Good God is that awful). Should the Rams draft him and if so, when?

That's a good question. McCarron is probably on the radars of other teams, but he's not high up on anyone's board. I'm not saying the Rams should adjust their strategy to make sure they get him, but if he is available and Les Snead has already selected Robinson/Matthews, a WR and a CB/S, then take him.

I know, I know, Snead has been on every horn available, singing the praises of Sam Bradford and proclaiming he is not drafting a quarterback. But the Rams need a back-up plan that's better then Clemens.

Clemens was the best option for the team, don't get me wrong, but St. Louis needs a back-up who has great pocket presence and won't have to rely on the running game to move the chains.

The Rams have Austin Davis but I don't know enough about him to say that I am confident he would be a solid No. 2 behind Bradford. If the Rams don't sign Shaun Hill, then I think McCarron should be someone Snead needs to think about.

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