Seeking input for QB position

First time fan post here so please go easy on me. I wanted to make a post to gather some input via the comments to determine if we all are just highly opinionated fans, or could come together on a subject. I will probably live to regret it.

I've read the mock drafts, the FA wish lists, the draft wish lists and many times have seen names thrown around and some supporters won't come off their opinion of who they think will be the next greatest player in the game and I'm not trying to take that opinion from anyone. I'm not mentioning any names in this post but welcome folks' opinions in the comments as far as who they would like to see in the back-up QB horns.

Rams are keeping Sam Bradford as starting QB.

  • He's been injured...we all know that
  • He's not the best.....everybody has their own opinion. ( I was anti-Bradford for 2 years)
  • He needs a line.....we get that.
The great Bradford debate of 2012 still lingers and probably always will. However the team has made their decision and as fans we move forward disgruntled or not.
Someone please educate me of why the following scenario doesn't make any sense....or does it?
Draft one of the top 7 QB's in 2014
  • He doesn't have to start but groom the kid. Do some coaching and familiarize him with the offense
  • Let him work along side of Bradford and LEARN the system so if he is needed to go in he will have a clue to what he's doing and possibly be a lateral much as a back-up can do.
  • Give a threat of competition to Bradford. He's not going to be around forever, Draft picks are a cheap alternative to COACH them away from bad habits. Compared to FA's that are expensive and already have bad habits beaten into them.
Maybe not this year but possibly next you may have a relatively inexpensive QB that can take over instantaneously and play how you want him to. Make the right decisions and use the weapons he has rather than make excuses.

Yes, this is a Collin Kaepernick scenario, yes his was different.....THEN.....but is it not the perfect storm for a dynasty team setting? You have your starters, you have your back-ups. Back-ups go through everything the starters do to be prepared for 2 things
  • Get in the game on any play to take over for an injury.
  • Carry on the winning legacy and knowledge when the contract takes the starter away.
Somebody please (I'm sure they will) tell me where this is wrong. We have the picks, we have the coaching staff, we don't have the $ for FA so why not?
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