Manziel = Doug Flutie

Anybody remember Doug Flutie? (I didn't think so.) Oh man he was an exciting college QB. At one time he was the most exciting QB in the land. He was #1. Girls squealed his name. Grown men stood to watch. People lined for his autograph. He came 3rd in the Heisman voting in '83 and won the Heisman in 1984. He was so good so talented so popular he went beyond being on 'The Wheaties Box'.

He had his own cereal...


(oooh - check it out. It's the 'Signature' Model. pant pant- )

They even made documentaries about him:

He was amazing. He was dazzling. He'd buy time just like Manziel. He'd run, he'd juke, he'd fake, he'd run some more, then he'd complete a 60-yard bomb over everyone's heads just like Manziel. His team scored on everybody. Everybody knew him. He was the best player to watch on TV. He was in the news every day. He was even more friendly than Manziel and much more charismatic. He charmed everybody. Just look at that smiling face. Makes you wanna try it doesn't it? Go on, have a bite. Thousands did and bought his cereal. He was also kind of small like Manziel...

And then something terrible happened. He got older. He was forced to leave college which meant he had to play against men and not boys. Much larger faster better and bigger than before. These were men which could catch him. These were men who were prepared for his tricks. These were men equally as good or better. But he did have a brief NFL career. I wonder if many here know that Flutie was selected as the 285th pick in the 11th round of the 1985 NFL Draft by the Los Angeles Rams.

But his NFL time was relatively brief. Those big bad men of the NFL were not like college. He couldn't run from them. He couldn't throw over them (at least not very well). He couldn't hide from them. Consequently before he knew it he was in the Canadian Football League where he played for 8 years. He did come back to the NFL but he was never a real superstar.

Now do I know for sure than Manziel will 'bomb' in the NFL? (sorry for the pun - see video below) Of course not. He could turn out to be the country fried version of Russell Wilson. Or Fran Tarkington except not go 0-4 in the Super Bowl. I liked his antics in college. Street ball is fun to watch. Car wrecks are interesting too. But before some people get too hyped and start suggesting the Rams draft him I wish they'd take a breath and remember that there's no guarantees in the NFL and crazy scrambling tactics are usually a receipe for disaster. The Wildcat's all but gone and if you want to know about the Read Option check back in five years when the care units in the hospitals grow.

Today for some reason Johnny Manziel reminded me of Doug Flutie. That's probably not a good thing.

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