With the Number 2 overall pick the St. Louis Ram's select Johnny Manziel

Trade Bradford to Browns for 26th overall pick

Trade number 13th overall pick and 3rd rounder with Vikings for 8th overall

I was gonna go with a RB in this mock draft, but I wouldn't mind trading one of our extra second day picks And maybe even an Isaiah Pead/ Chris givens and signing Chris Johnson especially if he's willing to take a pay cut like he's said. Fisher drafted him and he is really the only Titans player that I think still has value that I wouldn't mind bringing on. He and Zac Stacy would make a serious 1-2 punch with their combination of power and speed.

1 (2) - Johnny Manziel QB Texas A&M- Need to use a top 3 pick on a premier position. Sammy is not a transcendent enough athlete to merit a top 5 pick especially after we spent such a high pick on Tavon last year. Manziel would also be a lot friendlier on the cap space, which we will want to continue to use to make plays in free agency. He can do wonders with Tavon and Zac Stacy/ CJ2K in a run first offense (Brian Schottenheimer's actual forte) with option capabilities. Jeff Fisher is the only coach in the top 5 picks that has the pedigree and stock to handle his fame and has had his best teams with mobile QBs. Johnny also has great durability which I think will be imperative as we continue to solidify our O-line. Bradford has proven to be too injury prone over his career and I think we need to move on from him while we can still get good value in a needy QB market.

1 (8) - Jake Matthews OT Texas A&M- Way more polished and 'plug and play' athlete then Greg Robinson. This will give us a great staple tackle to pair with Jake Long . No one wants to relive the Jason Smith days again of drafting a tackle at such a high pick so we need to hedge our bets which we got the flexibility to do with the Saffold resigning. Take the kid with NFL blood. His dad has ties with Fisher and he will be great protecting Johnny again.

1 (26) - Xavier Su'a-Filo OG UCLA - Might go earlier given his recent stock appraisal but he is a great player who I wouldn't mind making a play on, especially if it would only cost exchanging later round picks. Scouts like former GM Charley Casserly have him as a perrenial Pro Bowler and this would put the finishing touches on a now very solidified O-line. This move would remind me of the 49ers picks of Mike Iupati and Anthony Dixon in the same draft and is why their run game is so elite. Having players in Johnny Manziel, CJ2K, Zac Stacy AND Tavon to run behind these kind of guys would make us elite.

- Zack Martin OT Notre Dame, a versatile specimen who can play guard or tackle, could also be very nice here too if Xavier isn't available and would help the team in their continual shuffling of the line due to Saffold and Long's injury problems.

2 (4) - Keith McGill CB Utah - First off, we drafted Trumaine Johnson to eventually move him to safety. He is a very capable DB who reminds me of Devin McCourty, so why not save our late pick for a very long corner in Keith McGill. He is fast, explosive and fluid at 6'3 and would make our secondary incredibly lock down. We need to take a page from Pete Carroll and get one of these guys. He has the size we need to move inside and man up on tight ends while Trumaine can come down and play outside receivers. Janoris has the ability to be Sherman, this guy can be Browner. I also think Haha and Calvin Prior are very overrated and do not deserve the top 15 grades that they are getting. The only reason they are slotted at 13 in a lot of mock drafts is because people think that it is a need for us. A lot of experts would agree with this assessment and I really believe they are a serious reach. Let another team take the bait on them and allow a proven player in Trumaine Johnson who balled out against Drew Brees be our ball hawk safety, not some untested guys.

2 (13) - Allen Robinson WR Penn State - One of the most underrated receivers in the draft. Will get overlooked because of the flashier names like Watkins and Marquise Lee but he is an All- American who had that amazing game against Michigan and has proven over and over again that he can make difficult catches and has very dependent hands. That game reminded me of Crabtree's catch on Texas. Only thing he gets hated on over is his speed, but he was only .08 seconds slower Marquise Lee and weighs 30 more pounds. Mike Evans is great, but because we already have a "tree" receiver in Jared Cook, we need a possession receiver who will run the intermediate routes and make the tough catches when necessary. This will take a lot of pressure off Cook and Tavon and make set roles for each player. A young Anquan Boldin who plays with no fear and has the kind of size we need in a 6'2, 220 pound receiver with great YAC ability. He will be our answer to Michael Crabtree as he has the actual pedigree to do so. Fans will forget that we ever tried a no-name in Brian Quick. Way better pick here than taking Watkins top 5. Don't watch me watch tv:

4 - (13) Kevin Pierre Louis LB Boston College - Former BC player just like Jo-Lonn Dunbar which would make for a nicer transition and ability to learn the Will position we which need some youth in. He played next to Luke Keuchly early in his career until last year where he put up great numbers after. Also was tied for the fastest 40 time out of all the linebackers at the NFL Combine. Makes sense for him to take Jo-Lonn's place and add even more speed and playmaking to the linebacking core and complete the front 7. He looks a lot like a Seahawks kind of linebacker, fast guy from the 4th round who can make plays when properly covered up by great players around him.

5 - (13) Jeff Mathews QB Cornell- these next two picks may be biased because I played against them. However, Jeff Mathews has an absolute cannon and great size and I do believe he would be a great back up that could make some great plays and toss it around to our growing receiver group. He also has a lot better feet than given credit for, is a real smart kid and literally played as well as he could given the inefficiencies of the rest of his team. Broke a lot of Ivy League Records. He has sent a couple of his receivers to the league too. Also could prove to be a great piece of trade bait in the future given his great arm strength, size and anticipation. Reminds me a lot of Ryan Mallet but you will be able to get him much cheaper.

6 - (13) Caraun Reid DT Princeton- Because we spent so much time on the offense I think that he would be a great value pick in the later rounds. 300 pounder running a 4.9 is never a bad look. He had a great Senior Bowl too crushing projected second round pick offensive lineman for sacks, which makes you have to believe that he hasn't only succeeded against lesser competition. As an Ivy League player he won't get the love he deserves, but if you look at his tape you will know he is a beast. Ate double teams with no problem but also shows that he can move very well in space.

7 - (13) L'Daimian Washington WR Missouri- This is obviously a very popular pick on a lot of Stl fans mock drafts, but I also see a lot of validity in it given his size and potential as another redzone threat with his great production at Mizzou.

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