My First Mock of the Draft Season

Free agency is slowing down, and the draft season is heating back up. Because of this, I thought I might entertain you all with this (possibly laughable) mock draft.

First, I have us making one trade. I see us trading down with Cleveland. In turn, we grab their second round pick. Our picks would then end up being 1.4, 1.13, 2.3, 2.12, 3.11, 4.10, 5.13, 6.12, 7.11 and 7.26 for a (current- more will come thanks to compensatory picks) total of 10 selections. To the mock!

1.4- Greg Robinson, LT I used to be against picking a tackle in the first round because we already have our two starters in Jake Long and Joe Barksdale, but this would still be a great pick. Robinson could play RT, as well as fill in for Jake Long in case he doesn't return right away or if he gets hurt again. Plus, it allows Barksdale to become a backup. In turn, we'd have some of the best tackle depth that this team has had for a while.

1.13- Hasean Clinton-Dix, FS Either him or Pryor, I don't care. We have a young secondary that could certainly use a free safety and some more corner depth. Adding HaHa here fills a glaring hole on defense.

2.3- Bradley Roby, CB As mentioned just above, our defense could use a little more corner depth. If we add someone like Roby here in the second round, our secondary is instantly upgraded. I'd feel pretty comfortable if our top for corners were Jenkins, Johnson, Roby and McGee with McDonald and Clinton-Dix providing help over the top.

2.12- David Yankey, G Adding another offensive lineman here in the second round would be a good idea. We re-signed Saffold, but we still have a need at the other guard position. If we make this happen, we would have a respectful line with decent depth. Barnes behind Wells, Jones behind Saffold and Yankey, and Barksdale behind Robinson and Long. That is pretty attractive in my opinion.

3.11- Carl Bradford, OLB I know we re-signed Jolonn Dunbar, but one once said that an NFC West team could never have enough defensive depth. I love the idea of adding to our linebacker corps here in the third round. If our top four OLBs were Ogletree, Dunbar, Bradford and Armstrong with Laurinaitis manning the middle, I'd feel pretty comfortable about the middle section of our defense. We'd have one of the deeper front sevens in the NFL.

4.10- Anthony Johnson, DT This is yet another addition to our already strong front seven. We have two respectable starters in Brockers and Langford, but we don't have much behind them. Luckily, those two have been pretty reliable over the last two years. Our luck may run out, but even if it doesn't, this would be a smart value pick. If he shows flashes his rookie season, it might allow us to cut Langford next offseason as a cap casualty. Plus, it allows us to rotate more guys in, which keeps the defense fresher later in the game. Winning the trenches is extremely important, and drafting Johnson here could help us do that.

5.13- Charles Sims, RB I really like Zac Stacy, just like every other Rams fan on this page. However, I think we should add another back to help Stacy out. Benny Cunningham showed flashes of production last year, and Daryl Richardson isn't too bad as a third back, but I believe Fisher would agree with me if I said that the Rams could use another running back.

6.12- TJ Jones, WR I am a little afraid to slot a wide receiver this low, but I'll do it anyway. I like Watkins a lot, but I don't think that wide receiver is a big need. I believe that Brain Quick will develop into at least an 800-yard receiver like management has been saying since the day we drafted him, but many fans on here disagree. Another reason why I see the WR position as such a low need is that I believe we will sign Kenny Britt. If I am right in both of my assumptions, the wide receiver position is not a need at all, really. Despite that fact, no one can ever have too many pass catchers, and I want to ensure Sam Bradford's success by giving him another toy.

7.11- Cassius Marsh, DE Defensive end isn't really a need, but I believe that we could use more linemen no matter how many we have. I'd be willing to bet, based on Jeff Fisher's draft history, that we will be drafting a DE at some point in this draft.

7.26- Connor Shaw, QB I love Connor Shaw. I think he is this years Russel Wilson. The two have many things in common- both are shorter, mobile QBs. Neither one has many problems in their game except for their height. In Shaw's case, I could only find two other problems with him. First, I didn't like his arm strength, but a big arm isn't a must, especially in Schotty's dump-off offense. Second, I didn't like his footwork in the pocket, but that can be improved upon. He greatly improved as a quarterback his senior year, throwing for 24 touchdowns against only ONE interception. Those stats might scream Alex Smith, but Shaw's ability to scramble out of pressure is something that Smith doesn't have. I think that Connor Shaw is the most underrated player in this draft, and he could become a viable backup or maybe even a starter in the NFL. Time will only tell if my wild prediction is right, but I like its chances. Here is a Bleacher Report article on what I was just talking about: Just copy and paste it into your URL space. This isn't the only article out there on why Shaw is the most underrated player. There are some good YouTube videos on him, if you still don't believe me. Well, I should probably stop lol.

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