A Young Fan's Mock

As Rams Fan, drafts are like Christmas every year. We go through the monotony of hoping that we can use a draft to get way better. I genuinely feel that this year we are closer than ever since my toddler years of the GSOT. After Re-Signing Dunbar and Saffold, that has presumably filled a few major holes on this team. We are very fortunate to be in this spot at the draft and we just need that Grand Slam draft to propel us up into the promised land.

Assuming that the Rams sign another Offensive Lineman in FA.

Trade: At 2, trade back to Cleveland for 1:4, 1:26, 2:4. 2015 2nd Rounder

1:4- Jadeveon Clowney- DE University of South Carolina: This guy up and down is a beast. Just imagine Gregg Williams grinning from ear to ear seeing what he can do with this guy. I don't wanna sound like to cliché but this man is the best in the draft. The only guy I see deemable as once in a generation. Explosiveness, Speed, Brute Power, this guy can help set our D over the top. The only question about this guy is his motor, but Fisher knows how to deal with mental issues (see Haynesworth). Besides, that'll piss offensive lines off when they see they'd possibly have to block Long, Quinn, Clowney and Brockers all together. Good Luck Wilson, Kaep, Palmer etc.

1:13- Ha'Sean Clinton Dix- Safety University of Alabama: While I wouldn't mind seeing Pryor make guys like Crabtree regret going over the middle, But this guys can cover more Center Field than Peter Bourjos. This is what I think Williams would need as he can allow him to have the breathing room to rush the QB on third down.

1:26- Ra'Shede Hageman- DT University of Minnesota- We're pretty set with our D-Line by this point but what the heck, why not! This guy is has raw talent and could thrive under Fish and Williams and can look up to the veteran leadership of guys like Long, Quinn and Laurinaitis. While Langford's work in the interior was satisfactory, this guy could be groomed to replace him. No offense Cudjo, but after Langford and Brockers, there's a pretty big abyss to the next guys that'll come out to rest them.

2:4- Xavier Su'a Filo- OG University of California- Los Angeles- While resigning Saffold was a major step in our line, We still need to shore up some strength through the draft. This guy has to be the best interior lineman in the draft. Coming in a solid 307 pounds, not only can this guy play good guard, but he's no stranger to playing tackle which makes him a solid option.

2:13- Zach Mettenberger- QB Louisiana State University- While you guys may be pissed that i'm picking a QB this early in the draft, This guy has been slowly creeping up teams draft boards a would've easily been a first rounder if it wasn't for his ACL. While I love Bradford and is all in for him, This guy not only can make Bradford play harder and elevate the team, but in the absence of Clemens, we'd have a guy suitable to take the reins of our offense.. Sure, he's coming off an ACL tear but it's not like he was a scrambling QB anyway. This man has a cannon plain and simple, rifling shots to Odell Beckham Jr. and Jarvis Landry before he got hurt.

3:13- Stanley Jean-Baptiste- CB University of Nebraska- One Word. Huge. At 6'3 the guys has the tools to be a mid-round steal to play in the NFL. Looking at the Seahawks, many teams see that tall defensive backs are becoming in vogue. While he may still be a bit raw, he is a nice project who is oozing with playmaking ability. Besides, you cant teach size.

4:13- Yawin Smallwood- ILB University of Connecticut- While JL55 is as durable and productive as there is, we need to add some depth to our inside linebacking group. Smallwood can play coverage on the inside and jam the run. Why not?

5:13- Pierre Desir- CB Lindenwood University- It'll be great to give the local guy a shot to play at home. In a pass happy league its always great to have depth of capable corners. This guy can pay nickel or slot and give production their and heck, it'll be a gret transition as Lindenwood is only right across the Missouri from Rams Park.

6:13- De'Anthony Thomas- RB/WR/Returner University of Oregon- Speed. Speed. Speed. This guy is like a late round verion of Tavon Austin except more of a pure running back than WR. He'd be a great change of pace from Stacy and Cunningham with Pead and Richardson out of the equation. While he probably won't be taking punt returner from Austin, he'd be great returning kickoffs alongside Givens and Cunningham.

7:13- L'Daimian Washington- WR MIZZOU! While the Rams didn't have the most productive receiving corps in the NFL last year, you must remember they are a young group and this guy can add a little bit of talent and size to the mix. Call me crazy but I still believe Brian Quick can be the next Vince Jackson or Terrell Owens.

But who cares, I'm just a fourteen year old.

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