Random Ramsdom 3/13: If You Sign Them, They Will Come

Jeff Griffith-US PRESSWIRE

The St. Louis Rams have been awfully quiet over the first two days of the NFL free agency period. While players from your list of free agent wish list have been signing with other teams, so have members of the Rams. Who’s left, and what’s in store?

Man Down!

Another Guard Checks Out at Rams Park: St. Louis Post Dispatch

Will the last guard leaving Rams Park please turn out the lights? A day after Rodger Saffold agreed to terms with Oakland, Chris Williams has signed a four-year free-agent deal with Buffalo. But WAIT! The deal for Saffold involved the Raiders, with an owner possessing drama queen DNA and a "can do" attitude:

Joseph Visiting Line-Starved Rams:  Pro Football Talk

The Rams are trying to stem the tide of linemen leaving town.  According to Jeremy Fowler of CBSSports.com, the Rams were hosting former Buccaneers guard Davin Joseph on Wednesday night and Thursday.

Rams’ Day 2 Free Agent Notes:  ESPN NFL Nation

The St. Louis Rams were completely silent on the first day of free agency. On day 2, they haven't exactly made much noise but there are at least a couple of whispers of potential activity.  Some quick thoughts on what's going on with the Rams as free agency moves past the first wave of expensive, splashy signings.

2014 NFL Free Agent Tracker, Grades:  Sports Illustrated

Need a quick link that has all of the up-to-date NFL free agency acquisitions?  SI.com has your back.  If there’s no red link written between "St. Louis Rams" and "Tampa Bay Buccaneers" it’s because the Rams have yet to sign anyone. But you already knew that…

Rams Showing Interest In Bills’ D-Lineman, Carrington: Buffalo Rumblings

Buffalo Bills free agent defensive lineman Alex Carrington is drawing serious interest from the Cleveland Browns and the St. Louis Rams, according to Ian Rapoport of NFL.com.

Rams’ Guard, Smith, Scheduled To Visit New England:  ESPN NFL Nation

Fifth-year interior offensive lineman Shelley Smith is scheduled to travel to New England for a free-agent visit with the Patriots.  Will the Rams lose another offensive lineman?

Rams Not Active On First Day[s] of Free Agency: ESPN 101

As suspected, the St. Louis Rams sat idle in the opening minutes and hours of Day 1 of the NFL free-agency period. Fans should not pull out their fingernails, though, or scream, "I’m mad as hell, and I’m not going to take it anymore!" Rather, the franchises that work to make the big splash in free agency frequently end up being the same teams that earn the top 10 – 12 picks in the yearly draft.

The Rams confused me last season. I suppose this means the 7-9 record is fitting for the team; and frankly, if they were in a worse division, I think they would probably be somewhere closer to 9-7. But, the Rams could occasionally look like one of the best teams in the league when they would unexpectedly knock off a playoff caliber team (like the Colts or the Saints). However, they also lost to the Cowboys and the Falcons (and the Titans). It was a bit of an up and down team.

Rams Quiet During Free Agent Period:  KMOV.com St. Louis

Anybody else getting nervous about the Rams? While teams around the NFL hustle to fill needs during the free agent signing period, the Rams have done next to nothing…

I'll get right to the point: the Oakland Raiders' decision to give former Rams offensive lineman Rodger Saffold a five-year deal for $42.5 million is one of the nuttiest contracts I've seen since I began writing about the NFL in the early 1980s. When I saw the numbers – which includes $21 million in guaranteed money – I really did laugh out loud.  -  Bernie Miklasz

But now he's back and worth it? More on this as today wears on:

This certainly may not read like Rams news…at least at first.  But what does the Browns cutting two of their QB’s mean for St. Louis?  I’d say it means there’s a pretty good chance they’re eyeing a QB in the first round.  But just how interested are the Browns in trading up from 4 to 2?

A Look Back at 2013’s Free Agency Period:  Ramblin’ Fan

Let’s take a look back at the "top" free agent movers from the 2013 offseason. Did they come in and immediately replicate their dominance? We’ll take a look now…

Inside the Mind of a Cap Manager:  National Football Post

Free agency for the agents is a stressful time and also an exciting time. It’s a time where we get to use our negotiating skill set, be clever, bluff, beg, out maneuver, and fulfill the fiscal dreams of their clients.

The 10 Best Drafting Teams in the NFL: Football Nation

No team in the NFL is perfect when it comes to making the right calls in the NFL Draft, but for some reason, time after time these franchises have taken painstaking steps to make better choices than others year after year.

2014 NFL Mock Drafts:


For more thoughts on who the Rams won’t be signing, or how they’ll have to address the majority of their needs in the draft, holler at  Brandon Bate on Twitter at @NoPlanB_
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