Whoops! Saffold dirty the bed. There is always a reason for things like this.

Without any doubt this is it.

  1. Houston-Bortles


  3. Jacksonville- Manziel

  4. Cleveland- "Mack" ? or Watkins,Bridgewater (suppose they hop to #2 for a QB) Naw!

  5. Oakland- Only the Lord knows! Davis wants Carr. Mckensie wants Robinson So that puts the Vikings in to the conversation. Read on for that. The smartest play would be to move this pick.

  6. ATLANTA- Here is where it gets good! They don't want the Clown. They want Mack! The kicker is they don't want either enough. So they give us the gold or....WHO? Read on to see!

  7. Tampa- Mathews. Big period! Lovie knows what he is doing and what he wants. He has his starting Qb and Wr's. Has to insure the RUN! The irony is that Robinson would be his pick if Atlanta didn't. Oh! I forgot to tell you that. They were out bid for #2. See Later!

    RUT ROW. I just read that Saffold just shite the bed. Didn't pass physical. So Oakland took Robinson...or did they? Could be Watkins! Depends on WHO jumps to #2 for MACK. Or if they take Mack at 2, which would give the Brownie Watkins.

  8. Minnesota- Here it is. This is our trade down to #8. Minnesota gives us the GOLD. They give us the flip down with a second a 3rd and a #2 in 2015. You think that is silly? Not! They want CARR. And they will have him!

    So we get the 8 + the 40 & 72 added to this years draft. Who do we take at the #8? Especially that we now have our O line in tact? Saffold is back. A gimppin talent that tried to bail and a rehabbing LT in Long. Just look back here........, Hou-Bortles,Minn- Carr, Jax- Manziel, Brownies I believe will take Watkins here, Oak-Robinson, Atlanta ends up with what they want taking Mack without giving the gold, Mathews to Tampa. The big ugly's are gone. The top WR is gone. Arguably the best DE/LB is gone. BUT WHAT HAPPENED TO THE CLOWN??? Do we take him at #8?

    NOPE! We are trading baby! Who really REALLY wants and needs the Clowney is coming. Not a team to make trades like this normally. But whatcha gonna do when a franchise starts making the evolusion? You sit back in marvel. Watch.

  9. Buffalo- Evans is puttin on a big fluffy pimp daddy jacket. To be kewl and stay warm. Thats what happens to recievers from Texas. They end up in New York, Detroit and sometimes Cinci.

  10. Detroit- Has bought Tate, Evans is gone so they go DB. Gilbert or Ha HA?

  11. Oilers- ( did you like that?) This should be easy. They need Lewan. But take Barr. They are kind of weird like that. Even with Wisenhunt at coach the management manipulates. I feel sorry for coach.

  12. NY Giants- They don't blink- LEWAN

  13. ST Louis- we haven't even made our first pick yet. At least I have not presented that yet because it is still the question. Look at #14.

  14. CHICAGO CHICAGO Chicago- This is who truly want Clowney. They need him! They came in and got the Clown at #8. They gave us their #2 pick 51 and their extra #6 pick 175.


  1. Bortles 5. Robinson 9. Evans

  2. Carr 6. Mack 10. Gilbert-HaHa?

  3. Manziel 7. Mathews 11. Barr

  4. Watkins *8. The Clown 12. Lewan

Its our pick at 13, Then 14, round 2=40, 44 and 51 on day one. Who we gonna take?

72, 75, 106, 141, 172, 175, 203, and 218 on day two before we make other trades. Maybe??? Crazy yet, we could take the last 7 of day two for a BAP-urtunity somewhere. All we need is 6 targets and undrafted agent or two. Winky dink! Heck da cowboy is perfect for that. They need depth late in day 2.

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