Take a gamble on Kahlil Mack

To take Khalil Mack or Sammy Watkins at #2 is a gamble in the same manner, in that we are gambling that a top OT (Matthews, Robinson, or Lewan) will fall to number 13. This makes me nervous when I look at it.

In one of the latest Mock Drafts to be posted to, all three of the top OTs are gone by the 12th pick.

However in the Mock, the Rams are snagging Robinson at number 2. But if the Rams are able to trade down, I would rather take Khalil Mack over Sammy Watkins. Simply because I think the WR position is deeper this year than LB. The thought of having Ogletree, Laurenitis, AND Mack makes me smile. With a trade down, the rams would most likely be able to address the WR and Saftey positions in the second round. Hopefully landing talents like Jimmie Ward and Jordan Matthews (optimisticly). Address guard in the 3rd round and CB or QB in the 4th.

I honestly don't think CB is our biggest need in this draft.

I run mock drafts on and also on and USUALLY there is still an "elite" OT left on the board at 13 if I draft Mack or Watkins at 1.a But... Sometimes they are all gone by 13(1.b) *Fanspeak they tend to always be there* *First-pick its usually a crap shoot. First-Pick's drafts can be all over the place*

But this argument serves a couple purposes. First and foremost, the biggest question: Would we want to gamble that there WILL still be an elite OT at 13? Whether we spend the first pick on Watkins or Mack, we would be gambling our chances of addressing our greatest need of the draft with the best talents of the draft. Secondly, another fallout of not picking OT with pick 1.a is we can kiss any Safeties at 1.b goodbye.

When we first started discussing the draft weeks ago, we were adamant that Fisher wouldn't go O-Line in the first round cause it wasn't historically his style. Now I think we all agree that we probably will do that in the first round.

Back to my original statement of taking Mack. I kinda just wanted to point out the danger we would be in of losing out on Robinson, Matthews ,and Lewan. But if we don't go OT at 1.a I'd rather take Mack and see which wide receiver falls out of the 1st. Defense wins championships Sammy Watkins is still short... lol

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