What is Your Philosophy on Churning the Bottom of Roster? The Practice Sqaud?

The NFL is a copycat league! And so let's look at the Seahawks?

Do we want a short running quarterback like Russell Wilson? No! Fisher shouldn't be forced to coach something he doesn't believe in. Fisher and Snead believe in Sam Bradford, so I say,

" Let us not genuflect before the deity Johnny Football like so many filthy heathens!"

Should we draft tall cornerbacks like Richard Sherman? No, not unless they can swivel their hips and cover receivers like saran wrap. Fisher has a good history drafting Cornerbacks. Who am I to question his expertise.

Should we draft superstars with our 5th round draft picks. If you ask me we already have a superstar in utero with Zak Stacy. Seattle had a leg up on the rest of the NFL, when they picked Sherman. How? Sherman played against Pete Carroll's team at USC.

Is there anything else we can take from the Seahawks Super Bowl season to improve the Rams? Yes. Oh yes! Yea I say unto thee, we can impart the Seahawk bottom feeding philosophy. What the hell are you talking about Ewe?

Let me tell ya. The Seahawks churn the bottom 8 players on their roster constantly. A player may last no more than a week before they are cut. Because they couldn't cut the mustard. Since Pete Carroll took over, the Seahawks lead the NFL in roster turnover. I believe the Patriots are 2nd. See a trend?

From where I sit, it appears to me that the majority of the NFL teams stay pat when it comes to their practice squad.

"How many cards?" ..."None, I'm good."

Whoever makes the roster at the end of preseason stays the entire year. The Rams are no different.

Now I understand that the madness in Fisher's method generates comfort, unity and loyalty. I like loyalty. I love unity. But hey, Most Ram practice squad players have a year to prove themselves. I like comfort, when it comes to me. But I can't project my desire for security on my Favorite All Time Team! Hey people, I shed teams for the Rams!

I also understand Fisher likes to use the practice squad to develop offensive linemen. I'm all in on practice squad developmental offensive linemen. Fisher and Company have a solid history coaching up offensive linemen! ( If it aint broken, don't fix it) Yet I can't help but think the bottom of the Rams roster would benefit from a Darwinian survival of the fittest philosophy.

What does Pete Carroll do? He constantly auditions new players. Pete believes in looking for gems by churning the bottom of the roster over and over. Pete's philosophy forges an aggressive attitude.

It's also a numbers game. The more players you audition- The more likely you are to scoop up occasional starters and special team superstars.

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