5 Reasons Why the Rams should retire Jason Smith's number

Alright... take a deep breath. That title was a joke. I didn't want to dull TST members with another post entitled "2014

Mock Draft" or "My Rams offseason plan" so I decided to switch it up. I think Jason Smith should be forever banned from

the city of St. Louis, and the state of Missouri as a whole, so retiring his number is blasphemous. But anyway... onto my

offseason plan.


Unfortunately, I am not optimistic on Rodger Saffold staying in St. Louis. I believe that some team (Dolphins?) will give

him Left Tackle money and it will be an offer that is too much for him to turn down or the Rams to match. I think that we

will also cut dahl and wells. I believe that we should re-sign Wiliams, as he will provide good depth, and is a, for lack of

a better word, adequate lineman. I also believe that we should cut finnegan due to a combination of his age and his eye

injury. His play not only drastically fell off last year, but in the latter half of his first year in St. Louis his play started to

regress as well. Although I am hopeful that our front office can work out a restructure or paycut with Bradford, I am not

sure of the likelihood of that happening so I will not go into depth about that. I also think we should re-sign Dunbar who

will benefit from familiarity with Williams.

With these cuts, and a potential restructure from Bradford I believe we will clear up some money to add a premier free

agent. I don't want the Rams to go the FA route for offensive line, as I believe success and cohesion is built through the

draft, but I would be on board to add some cheap veteran depth. I think we should target Verner, Byrd, or Mac. A veteran

in the secondary could help expedite the growth of our young DBs, and would help solidify our back end. I think that

Mack will re-sign, and that Byrd will fetch a far heftier price than the Rams are willing to spend on him. My ideal target is

Verner. I think Trumaine Johnson is a great corner, but I prefer him as a nickel corner, and the trio of Verner, JJ, and Tru

would be pretty unstoppable. Couple those 3 with McGee, and a rookie (rounds 3-7) and we suddenly have a very

formidable defensive backfield… well with the exception of a ball-hawking, center fielder for a free safety, but that will

be addressed in my draft.

Onto the draft....

I believe that Jadaveon Clowney is going to tear up the combine and put up unreal numbers. This will launch him into

the #1 pick, and his raw talent and potential will prove to much for the Texans to pass. I know all you Clowney lovers,

myself included, will be disappointed, but Clowney going #1 opens up a lot in terms of trades for the Rams.

I think Manziel will also have a good showing at the combine, and he will be subsequently become the consensus #1

QB. This will create a bidding war between the QB-hungry teams (Jags, Browns, Oakland, Minnesota); with Cleveland

coming out on top. Cleveland will have to give up a king’s ransom: both their first rounders this year plus a 3rd rounder

next year. Idk how this checks out in the trade scale, but I think it would be fairly even. Even if the scale is slightly

skewed in the Rams favor it is not always indicative of fairness due to the fact that GMs draft players not picks.

At #3 the Jaguars select Blake Bortles.

At #4 The Rams…. TRADE the pick to the Jets for a 2nd and 3rd Rounder so they can select Sammy Watkins, helping to

fill the huge void they have at WR.

At #5 the Raiders go BPA and solidify their tackle positions for the long-term with the selection of Greg Robinson.

At #6 the Falcons select Anthony Barr

At #7 the Bucs select Jake Matthews

At #8 the Vikings go Teddy Bridgewater

At #9 Buffalo goes Khalil Mack

At #10 Detroit goes Mike Evans

At #11 Titans lose out on Verner sweepstakes and take Justin Gilbert

At #12 The Giants take CJ mosely

At #13 the Rams take Taylor Lewan

At #18 (Jets Pick) Rams take Rasheed Hageman

At #26 the Rams take Calvin Pryor whose stock falls behind Haha’s after the combine

Onto the second round…

With our pick in the second round the Rams select David Yankey

With the Jets pick we select Austin Sefari- Jenkins

3rd round:

we select with our pick we select Cyril Richardson

And with the Jets pick we pick up Zach Mettenberger.

Honestly I don't know too much about the players in Rounds 4-7, but I would like for us to get another corner, an OLB, and maybe a WR.

This draft leaves us with a vastly improved offensive line and gives us great versatility and depth. Our running game will be improved

immensely, and our team will become the ground-and-pound offense that Fischer has wanted since his arrival. Also the pick of Sefari-

Jenkins gives us 3 dangerous tight ends, and allows us to be very creative with our usage of Cook.. Mettenberger will serve as a

developmental QB, and I believe he has good talent and would be picked much higher if he hadn’t been injured. Our defense will be vastly

improved too. With adding Hageman, Verner, and Pryor we add to what already is the best defensive line in football, and we shore up our

secondary for good. Our roster following this off-season would be.....


QB: Bradford, Mettenberger, Clemens?

RB: Stacy, Cunningham, Richardson, Pead

LT: Jake Long, Lewan

LG: Yankey, Richardson, Williams

C: Barnes, Jones

RG: Barksalde, Richardson, Williams

RT: Lewan

WR: Givens, Austin, Bailey, Quick, Cook?

TE; Cook, Jenkins, Kendricks, Harkey


RE: Quinn, Hayes

DT: Langford, Hageman

DT: Brockers, Hageman

RE: Long, Hayes

OLB: Dunbar, Ray Ray (4-7 pick)


OLB: Ogeltree

CB: Verner, JJ, Tru, Mcgee (4th-7th rounder)

FS: pryor

SS: McDonald

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