Clowney - When Bad Ref Calls Happen

This will be my last Clowney post. I'm not advocating for him on the Rams but I'm advocating for his worth as the second overall pick. His worth there is important to the Rams faithful because we win in two ways if he is considered a strong player.

We Win if the is drafted by the Rams because he is a stud

We Win if he is not drafted by the Rams (because we could pawn the pick for more picks as a result). If Clowney is on the board we can trade. If Clowney is not on the board then we can trade to a QB needy team.

This post is written for all of the Rams faithful who say Clowney is a one hit wonder (On ESPN) and he has no heart.

I want to describe why the Hit was so meaningful. The power of the Hit overshadowed the power of the moment. One of the worst ref calls I have ever seen (and I watched all of the games last year and was blown away by the personal foul calls against the Rams) happened right before "The Hit". This one was worse than the Brockers hit on McCowan in the Chicago game that was clearly a clean hit that resulted in a fumble that got negated.

Here is the scenario. South Carolina was up 22 to 21 in the 4th quarter with 8:22 left to play. Michigan had the ball on their 35 yard line and try to pull a fake punt. The runner was short. Obviously short. The ref brings out the sticks which show the ball was short and the ref awards the first down. The ref was looking right at the ball and the marker and it was short. How this was awarded a first down I have yet to understand.

So Michigan had the ball. A fresh set of downs because of the gift that they were given. Many teams lose in this situation. Play upset and make a mistake. Games are lost like this and it was during a very competitive bowl (Which Michigan was favored in BTW). The gamecocks needed a play to happen... then came "The Hit".

People think it was a flash in the pan. Just a good hit. But in the context of a blown call and a momentum shift. For those who say Clowney plays with no heart please watch this. I have not had anyone yet who has diminished the hit be able to answer what happened first.

Worst call ever

I don't think anyone knows what the very next play was after the Hit either. It was the play that put Michigan down


What happened next?

Its the heart of Clowney that made us love him.

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