Extreme makeover: off-season edition

Let me begin by saying I'm a Bradford supporter. He is a great quarterback who can lead a team capably. Unfortunatly, I feel the perfect storm has hit his future here. His monstrous contract, his missing significant time 3 of the last five years, and our ownership of a 2 overall pick we completely lucked into are just two many reasons to not go a different direction. This brings me to Minnesota. Minnesota really needs a good qb and unfortunatly the 3 most viable choices are likely all gone by 8. We can remedy that . We trade them Bradford for pick swaps in the first and a 3rd rounder. I'd love to get more for Bradford but that contract really makes it tough. On to free agency and cuts.

Cut finnegan, Dahl, Langford, pettis, wells.


Tim Barnes 2 years 4 mil

Shelley Smith 3 years 7 mil

Harvey Dahl 1 year 2 mil

free agents

john asamoah 4 years 24 mil

t.j. Ward 5 years 35 mil

2014 Nfl draft

1a. Johnny manziel- 5 years of an affordable qb, with a good o-line, receiving core waiting to break out, and the guys amazing play making ability the sky is the limit. I can't think of a rookie qb walking into a more favorable situation.

1b. Mike Evans-WR- with safety addressed through free agency and a less pressing need on o-line we take johnny manziels favorite target. He is an absolute physical freak and he is everything we wish Brian quick was. With manziel he brings a serious attitude that we need to spark this ever stalling offense.

2. Aaron Donald-DT- star of the senior bowl. Upgrade from Langford. He is undersized but doesn't play like, gives us a ridiculous pass rush at all 4 d-line spots.

3a. Lamarcus Joyner-DB- first off, small small small small small. But seriously, dude is a baller. High iq, intense, knows how to get a ball. Great in coverage and can play nickel or safety in a pinch.

3b. Telvin smith-WLB- he gets knocked because he can pretty much only play WLB but that's exactly what we need.

4. Brandon Thomas-T- criminally under rated t/g

5. Anthony steen-g- doesn't blow you away with talent but he's got experience and could get better with munchack

6-7 depth picks at positions of need.

I know. I know. But Sam Bradford?!? I love him too. But manziel/Evans/Austin gives us three of the best playmakers out of the draft in the last three years. It's such a shot in the arm offensively. It gives us cap room to fill holes and lock up our star players. It gives us a better chance to win consistently. It just makes good business sense.

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