Another Mock Draft YAAAAY

So, I have been scrolling through all of the different mock drafts on this site and I have come to a conclusion. Almost everyone here on TsT likes Sammy Watkins. Well, I am not really on the Watkins bandwagon or really any wideout bandwagon in this draft. I believe that with Bradford back and a much improved running game, our wideouts will finally play up to the level we drafted them to (I am looking at you Quick!) But in all seriousness, I do believe that Quick will finally have a breakout year and let the other receivers around him play to their strengths.

Because I believe this happens, I don't think that we draft or sign a wideout this year. I believe that the 5 we have right now all have great potential and with Bradford staying in STL all offseason long they will all have lots of time to develop much needed chemistry.

So, on the defensive side of the ball much like everyone else on this site I believe that we are a couple of pieces and some depth away from rivaling Seattle for the best defense. Saying that I do believe that we bring back Dunbar, he is the backbone of our defense and even with a down year he helped our run D finally come out and hold the opposing running back.

Players that we resign

  1. Roger Saffold -- He is the key to getting our O-line to where it needs to be. A great guard who can switch to tackle if and when needed
  2. Jo Lonn Dunbar -- Once again he is the backbone of the defense and we can most likely get him very cheaply
  3. Tim Barnes -- cheap and can compete for starting center job with Jones
  4. Shelly Smith -- good depth and already know how to play in our system
  5. Kellen Clemens -- great backup and can help Bradford/late round QB get better
Players we let go
  1. Harvey Dahl
  2. Scott Wells
  1. Cortland Finnegan
  2. Sam Bradford
1.2 TRADE to CLE for 1.4, 2.4, 4.4 2015 1st
1.4 TRADE to ALT for 1.6, 2.6 maybe something else I am not very sure on this one due to value of the pick
1.6 Greg Robinson -- Fisher breaks his trend because he is in love with Robinson, he has the skill to play tackle but also could slide inside and be a pro bowl guard. Not to mention the ties the Rams have with Auburn.
1.13 Justin Gilbert -- This pick would completely firm up the CB position for years to come. Can you just imagine how great this group would be together and then we could get rid of Cortland if he has another bad year.
2.4 RaShede Hageman -- even with Langford still here we can not pass up on this great of talent and well he is just a great DT. We would be stupid not to draft him if he fell to us
2.6 David Yankey -- good guard and we could just plug him in and let him play
2.13 Ed Reyonlds -- a hard hitter with a great center fielder like skill. Good free safety just what we need
3.13 Joel Bitonio -- good offensive tackle with a great upside to help as depth and maybe eventually start.
4.4 -- Adrian Hubbard -- Had a really down season for Alabama but still declared for the draft a year early. A big fella with a frame to build on. Could be a sleeper in this draft.
4.13 Lamin Barrow -- great prospect who is a freak of an athlete but had a down year in his senior year. Can play inside or outside and would help to sure up linebacker depth with a lot of upside
5.13 Brett Smith -- Late round prospect with a lot of upside and time to get better because in this draft we would keep Clemens.
6.13 Brandon Linder -- Good OG depth and has some upside
7.13 Nickoe Whitley -- Safety depth with a knack for big plays, big hits, and interceptions
7.? (I can't remember) Jordan Najvar -- never can have to many Tight Ends
I hope you have liked my Mock Draft and remember Stay calm and Snead on.

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