Once in a Generation Part 2

I appreciate my friend Marks opposition to Clowney and I have written an article about Clowney before. Full disclosure, I am a South Carolina fan and an Avid Rams fan (my last name is even Bulger :)

After reading once in a generation part 1 and reading the feedback on my post I would like to address the argument that our beloved Quinn (one of my favorite players) was a better college player than Clowney as a reason why we should not consider using our second round pick on Clowney. The argument of not being double or triple teamed does not apply to Quinn because he did not "choose" to sit out his Junior season (implying he would have had a better year his junior season).

So let's look at the numbers


Freshman Year 34 Tackles 6.5 tackles for a loss 2 Sacks

Sophomore Year 52 Tackles 19 for a loss 11 sacks

Sat out a year Drafted #14 by Stl. Where would he have went if he played his Junior year. Maybe 2nd? Would he have been able to do the same thing? The hype of Quinn was similar to Clowneys here in the South.


Freshman Year 36 tackles 12 for a loss 8 sacks (2 more tackles, 5.5 more for a loss, 6 more sacks)

Sophomore Year 54 tackles 23.5 for a loss 13.5 sacks (2 more tackles 4.5 more for a loss, 2.5 more sacks)

if Clowney sat out for a year where would he be drafted this year? Alas he did not so here are his Jr stats

Junior 35 tackles 10.5 for a loss 3 sacks (missed two games). South Carolina finishes #4 in the country for the first time in school history and higher than the Tar Heels at any point.

Summary: 4 more tackles 10 more for a loss 8.5 more sacks than our Pro Bowl Quinn in an apples to apples comparison over two years.

Quinn did not get picked second. Long did. So let's compare Longs stats. He finished as a senior.

Long Freshman 5 tackles 2 for a loss 1 Sack (Clowney advantage 29 tackles 10 loss 10 sacks)

Long Sophomore 19 tackles 10 for a loss 2 Sacks (Clowney advantage 35 tackles 13 for a loss 9 sacks)

Long Junior 36 tackles 19 for a loss 14 sacks (even tackles long advantage 3.5 loss long advantage 11 sacks)

at this point in their careers Clowney had 64 more tackles 20 more for a loss and 20.5 more tackles than Long

For our former second round pick he did play his senior season... Here are his stats

Long Senior 36 tackles 19 for a loss 14 more sacks. Easily Longs best season. So let's compare Longs best v Clowneys best. (Clowney 54 to 36 tackles +18 Clowney, 23.5 loss to 19 loss + 1 sack Long)

Long played one more year than Clowney and was drafted second. If you compare college careers (Long playing 1 more year)

Tackles Clowney 125 V Long 96 (advantage Clowney 29)

Tackles for a loss Clowney 46 Long 42 (advantage Clowney 4)

Sacks Clowney 24 Long 23 (advantage Clowney 1)

Im still amazed that there is this much anti Clowney sentiment out there. I have never seen Clowney act as a diva. I watched his team win and I have watched him destroy defenses. Physically he is a freak. Bases on numbers alone (and team win records), I'm surprised folks here dislike him so much.

Tell me where I am wrong here.

Thanks for reading!

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