Random Ramsdom: St. Louis Rams News, Free Agency, & the NFL Draft

Now that the 2013/2014 NFL season has officially come to a close, St. Louis Rams fans can focus their attention on the next chapter. The NFL Combine is rapidly approaching, as is the free agency period. There’s plenty to talk about. Come on in…let’s speculate.

Hall of Fame Look Ahead - Kurt Warner: ESPN NFC West

On Saturday night, the Pro Football Hall of Fame announced that former St. Louis Rams safety Aeneas Williams is part of this year's class of inductees. Williams isn't likely to be remembered as much for his time with the Rams as he was with the Arizona Cardinals, but for those wanting a player with a longer track record of playing for the Rams to get in, the time is coming soon.

Larry Fitz Restructured…Should Someone Else Follow Suit? Ramblin’ Fan

As most would anticipate, the news had Rams Nation in an uproar, demanding that someone on the St. Louis Rams roster "bite the bullet." That outcry only grew louder when it was made known that the restructuring, in essence, would save the Cardinals nearly $10 million in cap space this offseason. Impressive…or is it?

Recruiting Profiles for the Top 50 Prospects in the NFL Draft: NFL.com

Daniel Jeremiah ranks the top 50 prospects heading into the NFL draft, accompanied by their Rivals.com ranking, some other schools they considered, and - for a select few - the high school tape that earned them a trip to the college they now attend.

Breaking Down the 2014 Free Agent Market for WR’s: Over The Cap

The Rams - in the minds of many - are still on the hunt for a "true number one" wide receiver. And whether right or wrong, it’s quite possible the team addresses the position in the upcoming offseason. Have a look at what the past few years have provided, in terms of big-named wideouts, and what it’ll mean for the paydays of the 2014 crop of WR’s.

NFL, CBS Partner On "Thursday Night Football" for 2014: NFL.com

It was announced Wednesday that the NFL will partner with CBS to produce and televise 16 games under the "Thursday Night Football" banner for the 2014 season.

Remember that Saturday night game from 2013? No? Of course you don’t. There weren’t any. On Wednesday, the NFL confirmed that’ll indeed have a double header in Week 16 of the upcoming season. Expect an NFC West team [or two] to be playing on Saturday night.

In an announcement that may have come as a surprise to some who followed Robert Quinn's 2013 season closely, the Rams’ third-year defensive end fell short in his bid to become the first Rams player named NFL Defensive Player of the Year by the Associated Press.

Not sure I’d ever piece together this ensemble, but if I did, I’d probably wear it here too…

2014 NFL Combine Snubs At Each Position: CBS Sports

The NFL Combine, also known as the NFL Draft Underwear Olympics, is one of the most essential events of the NFL Draft process as hundreds of prospects will travel to Indianapolis to get poked and prodded by 32 NFL teams. From the official measurements to the on-field drills to the medical examinations, the Combine puts each prospect in the same environment to grade them in a number of different ways. Also, the 85 underclassman that’ll be in attendance.

Antonio Cromartie is positive the Broncos and Seahawks had an unfair advantage in 2013, and he wants to see the league take action. "We’re just going to do it anyway. They just need to let it go. They need to go ahead and say, ‘Y’all go ahead, smoke it, do what you need to do." I’m sure his ten kids are very proud…

How NFL Free Agency "Really" Works: National Football Post

Free agency is an agents time to shine for his clients. It’s extremely difficult for players to get to a second or third contract so everything has to be orchestrated perfectly for the client to score a lifetime setting deal. On the team side, a few bad free agent signings can get GMs fired, weigh heavy on the cap and hurt a team for several years beyond the signing(s). Free agency is supposed to work like this…

2014 NFL Free Agents By Position: Rotoworld

Rotoworld’s Nick Mensio does us all a favor and breaks down the NFL’s 2014 free agency pool by position. The Rams cannot address all of their needs in May’s draft…can they? Who on this list is catching your eye?

A Look Back At the Rams National Signing Day[s]: St. Louis Rams' Official Site

The first Wednesday in February marks National Signing Day for college football recruits. Take a look back at various scouting reports, rankings and videos of current Rams players from their recruiting days, per ESPN.com.

Rams’ Fans Have a Role In The Fate of the Team: St. Louis Post Dispatch

The mistake that everyone makes in contemplating whatever it is that Stan Kroenke might be up to next is always looking at the fascinating games the complicated and secretive Rams owner loves to play in one simplistic dimension.

Five Biggest Questions For the Rams Heading Into 2014: Ramblin’ Fan

The Rams certainly have a bright future ahead of them going into 2014 and could be a team that "makes the leap" per say. The Rams have a lot going for them but most teams there are questions surrounding them.

20 Big-Name Players Likely To Be Cut This Offseason: Rant Sports

We’ve all got our opinions on who’s going to be let go in the upcoming weeks. I’ll admit, when I clicked this link initially I expected to see one…and he’s on there. But there might be a not-so-pleasant surprise towards then end of your 21 clicks. It depends on your stance at the ____ position. Regardless, if some of these gents hit the FA market, they’ll certainly be coveted. You interested?

Tavon digs his own trading cards…[via Rams News Now]

Instead of posting a few updated mock drafts this week [which you’ll continue to stomach until May], I’ll just drop off a few links I think might be helpful for you to make your own decision about the NFL’s draft prospects, it’s history, and what’s in store for 2014. These sites are definitely worth bookmarking:

* Draft History - There’s not much more I can say. You want to know about the draft by team…college…player…year? Stop. Drop. Open up shop
* Draft Breakdown - Don’t have the time to watch every player play ever snap of every game? Who does? Well…outside of the good folks from Draft Breakdown. Have at it!
* The Sideline View - It doesn’t get much better than this. If you want to know about a draft prospect, look no further…

…feel free to share your favorite NFL Draft/Scouting Report websites in the comment section below. Sharing is caring!


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