2014 St.Louis Rams offseason

This is what I would do if I were in charge of the Rams this offseason, enjoy! (Feedback welcomed) -

-Are own Free Agents.--

Rodger Saffold- Let him walk. I know some of you will be mad at this but I feel he only preformed well at guard cause he was playing for a contract. We all know how injury prone he is and he will demand a huge contract this offseason. I just don't think it's worth it, he just never seem dedicated to me.

Jo-Lonn Dunbar- Resign him. He is an above average Outside linebacker, I've always liked his effort. Plus he knows Gregg Williams system way back from his days as a New Orleans Saint, and we know Williams always liked him. If it wasn't for him getting suspended earlier this year he'd be a highly talked about free agent.

Kellen Clemens-Let him walk, Not a hard choice here, he did decent last year, and earned my respect but this is the NFL and he's not meant to be a starter.

Chris Williams- Resign him, mainly for depth purposes only, he serves well as a backup and when he was in he rarely did anything to hurt the team. He'd get a cheap veteran contract.

--Cap situation--

I'm not a big numbers guy, but I have followed are cap situation close this year. We are tight but there are some moves we could make to fix this, and here are some.

Cut Harvey Dahl- It pains me to say this cause I love the guy but he's to expensive, to old, and to injury prone.

Cut Scott Wells- He came here on a big deal and hasn't really done much. We'd save alot from cutting him.

Cut Cortland Finnegan- I love Cortland Finnegan, But last year he was Horrible. That can be mainly blamed on Tim Walton's horrible Db sysem. I would like to resign him to a one year prove it kinda deal after wards. He's still got some juice left.

Restructure Chris Long- He's done it before and most likely will again, he wants to win.

Restructure James Laurinaitis- Same as Long, he's done it before and wants to win.

Restructure Kendall Langford- He'd be willing to, he seems like he wants to win as well.

Restructure Jared Cook- Now this I don't know about, he might not want to. but I bet he'd restructure a little bit of money. With making all these moves we should have fixed are money situation by a huge margin !

--Free agency--

Sign- T.J. Ward- He is a great safety. and we happen to have a huge need right to next to McDonald. he won't be too expensive like someone as Byrd but he'd come on a fairly decent deal. I love ward he is a true throwback run support safety and he can also ball hawk at times.

Sign Alterraun Verner- Jeff Fisher drafted him, and we know how he loves his Tennessee boys. Verner was with Gregg Williams last year when he had his breakout season so Williams will probably be making a push for him. And I bet he'd be willing to play with both his old coaches he liked and thrived with so much.

Sign Cortland Finnegan- like I said above after we cut him sign him back to a 1 year cheap deal he'd be worth it.

--NFL DRAFT-- Trade are #2 overall pick to Cleveland for #4 , #26, #35. They really want "Johnny Football" and would give up alot for him.

4.) from Cleveland- Jadeveon Clowney, as you saw from the recent superbowl Defence wins championships. I believe Clowney would make are D unstoppable. can you imagine when Quinn has to take a rest on the sidenlines having Clowney go in with a head of steam, That would be crazy!

13.)-Sammy Watkins, I've really started to like Watkins and are wide receiver's last year didn't really impress. Watkins is like a Julio Jones 2.0, He really loves the game and could be there at 13 when we pick. He's fast and has a big body at 6 foot 1. I think it be a rough day for Defences to cover Austin,Cook,Givens, And Watkins.

26.) from Cleveland- Taylor Lewan- We need help at offensive line bad. Taylor Lewan is One of the great long line of Michigan tackles. It would be great to have another Michigan tackle named jake long mentor him. They have almost the exact same bodies and playing styles. Lewan is a Big Mauler, and a grat run blocker. he could play Right tackle until Long retires.

35.) from Cleveland-Gabe Jackson, We need a guard and Jackson would be a great pickup in the 2nd round Fisher would turn his potential into a probowl guard. He would be great on RB sweeps. Jackson would fill a huge need.

44.) Cyril Richardson- Another guard in the 2nd round? Yes! Guard is the biggest need on this roster and these 2 choices would put us in a great position to make the playoffs. Richardson had a rough senior bowl but he should recover, I really like him on pass protecting. could work on run blocking but paul boudreau will whip him into shape.

76.) Zach Mettenberger- We need a backup QB with uncertainty with Bradford's injury. and Mettenberger has a cannon of an arm. I actually like him more then any qb in this class. He plays just like Ben roethisberger and it's kinda weird they have similar names. He's not very mobile but he can make throws that many Qb's can't. I decided not to do the rest of the draft because im not aware of all the prospects yet but I would take depth at O-line and Secondary. Please tell me what you think. GO RAMS

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