Once In A Generation...

In you're mind, what does this mean? A Generation is what? approximately 30 Yr's from Parents to Sibling's...It's also Widely used to define Athletes in there Respective Sport's. Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, Larry Bird, Bill Russell, to even Wilt Chamberlain, Who, at his time, was widely considered a "Freak" Phenom", and "Once In A Generation".

What's my point? With the Draft coming in roughly 3 months, Mock Drafts are Popping up at a fever pitch, fans, from everywhere, are Clamoring, posting on who THEY feel the Rams need. The Biggest one soo far, the last couple of Months has Been a certain DE by the name of Jadeveon Clowney, Who, in his tenure at South Carolina, His College career has been getting Hyped up to "Mythical" Proportion's, His biggest Accomplishment, was an ESPY Award Winning Tackle, Nicknamed "The Hit", by ESPN, and Youtuber's across the globe. After that "Hit", Jadeveon's legend, has grown to Epic Proportion's, Award's, Top 10 plays for pretty much a whole yr on ESPN, Hid reputation was growing...

But another aspect was growing with Jadeveon as well, His Ego. He fell into his OWN Hype, after last season, that He started Yapping, "NOBODY" Can stop him, according to HIM. Well...What happened? All this Hype, and all of a sudden HE decides', it's "Best" for HIM, To sit out the 2013 season. Why?..We still wont know, until someone actually asks HIM, at the Combine, Where Interviews were Heard to being "Brutally" Personal. Now...getting to MY point's...

The Clowney Brigade, lead by Mr.gil ogden, has hit fever pitch's the last couple of months, The Hype has been getting to the point of "Mythical" stories about this guy. Soo...Here it is, How can you call a kid, a "Once In A Generation" talent? Based on what? His 2012 season? His High School tapes? If you do you're research, EVERY single talented player that has set foot into the League/College ranks, ALL have dominated in there High School yrs lol, of course, if you're that talented, you're going to stand out, amongst 16-17 yr olds.

Soo you supporters mean to tell ME, That Jadeveon Clowney, We haven't seen ANY other DE the last 30 yr's, the caliber of this kid? ever? Your going to sit there and tell me, that, without even setting foot in his first Pro game, that you're stacking up his resume to the likes of Reggie White, Bruce Smith, Derrick Thomas, Lawrence Taylor, (I'm putting these pass rushing LB's in the conversation, because YOU fans said that Jadeveon could play LB soo...), and many more...that He is THAT good?

Now...again, I'm NOT Questioning his talent, I've said this over a hundred times, He is good, but, again!, like I've also said, I have seen many more player's just like him, come and go. Hell, do some research, the one DE, Widely considered the BEST, in SEC history, is David Pollack. DE U. Georgia...He garnered 2002 SEC Player of the year, 2004/2004 Ted Hendricks Award, and all in 2004, Won the Chuck Bednarik, Lombardi, and Lott Trophy's, along with another SEC Player Of the year award. Last but not least, He amassed a whopping 36 sacks in his collegiate career...

We all heard the excuses for Jadeveon, "He didn't get his sack total from 2012 because He was Double/Triple teamed all yr"..."Every team ran AWAY from him"...and last "He was Hurt". Ok? Let me ask you all a question...Our OWN Robert Quinn, came from North Carolina, without any Hype, like Clowney has, and had to sit out his last yr due to a NCAA Suspension, He "Quietly" has turned himself into a Pro Bowler, and even better yet, and ALL-PRO Player, amassing 19 sacks, this yr, do YOU all consider Robert a "Once In A Generation" player?

Trying to make a long story short, is this, I think some of you Clowney supporters need to temper there expectations with him, calling him these Genetic names, and anointing him borderline HOF status is getting ridiculous, you know who you are, We all see things through different lenses, Me? I want to bolster a Offensive line that could be in shambles, some, want to add even MORE defensive talent to, an already stout, core, wanting to add another piece to a defense, that DE, is the biggest strength. YOU see "Want", "I" see need...somewhere else. I'm not here to bash Jadeveon, I have stated my case, about him with countless articles, and videos, about his passion for the game, and what other experts, that say the very same things I have. He has red flags, just like every other player has, and is going to blow up the Combine, and become a Workout everybody else has, But...

I'm sorry Fella's..."I" just don't see what you all see, and if I have? I've seen it all before, Everybody throws in , "You cant teach 6'-6" 275" Well, David Pollack shows everyone, that at 6'-2" 260, He did a lot more. I'm not questioning his talent guy's, I'm questioning his heart, commitment, and desire, and wanting another player that the team don't need..i just don't get it. IF He does get drafted by our Rams? than I'll have to live with it, BUT I will also say that it would be a monumental wasted pick, It would be like the Colts drafting Bridgewater. I'm not here to try and sway the Masses back to earth, you all have you're loves, Mine are just somewhere else...

The exaggerations need to be tempered here, Jadeveon could come in and have himself a MONSTER first yr? OR, He could turn into the next Vernon Gholston's, Mike Mamula's, Andre wadsworth's, and Courtney Browns of Busts past. It will remain to be seen, We had the very same debates about a certain WR, who was Supposed to be the next everything in Justin Blackmon...How did that pan out? But anyway's I've been ranting enough...

These are MY Feelings about this kid, soo please, don't get offended when I respond in kind to you're posts lol, its all in good faith, We shall see who the Rams take, and where, take care my Rams Brothers...until next time.

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