Charting Sam Bradford's Throws - Weeks 1-4

After a crazy and hectic season which carried both highs and lows for our young Rams, I was left questioning the ability of Sam Bradford to lead this offense to anything above mediocrity; just as most of you are today.

Therefore, I decided that I would go back to the most dismal point of our season - weeks 1-4 - and see if Bradford had lost his elite accuracy that we drafted him for.

In my charts, I left out throw aways and passes tipped at the line, as most throw aways are good decisions that shouldn't be reflected upon when determining accuracy, and most tips are the responsibility of the OL.

In this brief four week study, I found some interesting numbers.

Let's start with chopping the field into 3 sections - left, middle, and right. Now, as a disclaimer, I didn't use an official line that separates the left or right from the middle, but made a lot of judgment calls... So if you were to do this yourself, you'd likely come up with a different number of attempts in these sections.

Let's start with the right side of the field. It's very apparent after watching these four games that Sam loves throwing to his right. This comes as no shock, seeing as throwing left is throwing across your body and therefore more difficult.

Over the first four weeks of the season, Sam completed 33/47 passes to the right side of the field, which is a completion percentage of 70.2%. One of these completions was an inaccurate pass that should have been intercepted (week 4 vs 49ers), but bounced into the hands of the intended target.

Of those 47 throws, 35 of them were accurate throws. That's an even more impressive 74.4% accuracy.

This side of the field saw Sam Bradford's only real "bad" miss. He missed a wide-open Austin Pettis on what would have been a 20 yard walk-in touchdown in week 4.

Over the middle of the field, we see the largest sample size of Bradford's throwing attempts. Bradford completed 51/78 throws, which is good enough for 65.4%.

However, he was accurate on 66 of those throws, bringing his accuracy to a whopping 84.6%.

On the left side of the field, Bradford completed 21/37 attempts, resulting in a completion percentage of 56.8%.

He threw accurately on 23 of those attempts, resulting in 62.2% accuracy.

Now, what I'm sure that you're much more interested in, let's look at Bradford's throws by distance.

Behind the line of scrimmage, Bradford completed 18/21 of his throws for a completion percentage of 85.7%.

He threw accurately on 20/21 of those throws, making him 95.2% accurate. Generally around what you'd expect throwing behind the LOS.

From the 1-10 yd range is where Sam makes his money. Sam completed 66/90 passes, resulting in a 73.3% completion rating.

He threw 78 of those passes accurately, which makes him 86.7% accurate.

The 10-20 yd range his accuracy began to drop a bit, which can be expected. Bradford completed 16/36 throws, for a 44.4% completion rating.

He was accurate on 21 of those throws, making him 58.3% accurate. This statistic was impacted greatly by throws to the left sideline around 15 yards, which he was only 1/6 on.

In throws over 20 yards, Bradford completed 4/12 throws. That's a 33.3% completion rating.

He was accurate on 5 of those throws, making him 41.7% accurate.

Let's also remember that this was when our running game wasn't providing anything, and the defense was sitting on the pass.

I'm looking forward to charting the rest of his throws up to his injury, but watching this tape has reminded me of just why I like Sam Bradford, and am back on the bandwagon of his supporters.

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