My Thoughts on the Draft - Need vs BPA

The NFL season is officially over, which mean draft season is upon us. Normally, I would do a post like this as we get closer to the draft because with more analysis, but we all know what this team needs and it was be regurgitated over the next few months and I'm pretty sure after, as well. With that, I will explain what players I would like and explain exactly why I believe these players will help us more than any other players with the 2nd pick



When it comes to BPA, I would assume that we got stuck at the second pick and/or could find someone that would pay the price that we wanted. I, personally, don't think this would happen, because there is plenty of talent at the top of this draft and you have some potentially elite prospects as well at the top of this draft, but I guess anything can happen in the draft, maybe they think our asking price is too steep or maybe we say, fuck it, we want our guy and we need to get him now. In my opinion, there are only two players that are worth the second pick and that would be Jake Matthews and Jadeveon Clowney. This post's name now becomes even more intriguing because Clowney is hands down the best player in my mind, and if we did get him at the number 2 pick, that would be a steal and would be the BPA pick at that point. Now, on the other side, you have Jake Matthews and he would be the Need. I might surprise some people because I have been an Offense type of guy since I first started posting and commenting on here, but I believe if we do stay at the number 2 pick, we should pick Jadaveon Clowney and not look back. My reasoning is very simple and all I have to say is one words, Superbowl.

What the Superbowl taught me is the future, although the league is changing with everyday, one thing remains the same, defense wins championships. The Seattle Seahawks defensive line as a whole should have gotten the MVP award because they got pressure on Manning pretty much all night. I noticed that our line is on the borderline of becoming elite and I believe Clowney could push them over the edge to be elite along with taking the whole defense with them. Last nights games made me realize that a great defense wins nine times out of ten verses a great offense, period. Yes, if we got Matthews, I wouldn't be mad, but I'd be a tad bit disappointed if we didn't get Clowney. Clowney has all the tools to be an elite player in the NFL, plus he's a freak of an athlete. While Matthews has just as much potential to be an elite Offense Tackle, I don't think he has as much upside as Clowney does. Which is saying something because Clowney is already so talented. Here's what had to say about his skill set:

Clowney has incredible explosion off the snap. He is lightning fast coming off the edge and has the power to shed blocks. Plus, Clowney has already developed an arsenal of pass-rushing moves. He wrecks game plans and constantly requires double-, or even triple-, teams. Clowney also seems to have the ability to get some of his sacks shearly on the basis of intimidation.
Clowney is extremely strong against the run in taking on offensive linemen. He is a stout defender at the point of attack and maintains his gap.

There doesn't seem to be a big hole in his game, that I've heard, read or seen. There was some concern early in the season that he was taking plays off, but he stopped as the season went along. The more I see the highlights, the more I like his game. Now, if we can trade down and get more picks, that is best case scenario and I don't think anyone is denying that, but if we stay at the number two pick, get Clowney and don't look back. As for the second pick in the first, I'd probably say get Evans or Lewan, depending on which position you believe we need, I'd probably say Lewan.

By the way, am I the only one that's still going crazy over this hit?


Jadeveon Clowney's Top Play: Hit vs. Michigan (via ESPN)

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