Super Bowl Take-A-Ways

Ok it didn’t take long for Bernie to get back on his, "Replace Bradford" agenda, and quite frankly I expected to find some of those articles on here already. I’m sure as soon as some fans read Bernie’s piece or some drivel from Bleacher Report it will happen.

Let me give you some nice quotes from Bernie and I’ll put my two cents in.

"In destroying Denver 43-8 in Super Bowl XLVIII, Seattle reminded millions of viewers why the NFC West is the finest and most ruthless division in football. What we witnessed Sunday night was a brutal show of force, with the top-ranked Seattle defense proving a point and settling a debate: Yes, a menacing and muscular defense can conquer any opponent.

"The people who like to say ‘Defense wins championships’ can go ahead and quote it for a while," Seattle coach Pete Carroll said. "We’re very fortunate."

Okay I can agree with these bits, and it actually makes me feel pretty good about our defense for now, and in the future. You can bet The Fish is going to up the ability of the defense to match our other division foes.


"Manning was sacked only once, but that doesn’t sum up what happened at MetLife Stadium. The pressure had Manning hopping around, turning the venue into RunForYourLife Stadium."

Again that’s what a great defense can do for your team, but how does that relate to the Rams? Bernie sees it as a statement that Sam Bradford can’t handle this kind of pressure. I see it the opposite because he’s shown that he can, and actually played well in spite of the fact our receivers are not supermen.

So Bernie goes on to show his support by saying:

"Good luck to the Rams in their bid to overtake this rugged Seattle crew in the NFC West."

Way to go Bernie, it sounds like you don’t think the Rams will be able to handle the Hawks even though we managed to keep them under wraps with Clemons. Held them to 14 points the first game and 27 the next. Both of those games were winnable if Bradford had been playing instead of My Darling Clementine.

The comments are what irk me the most and it’s the same type of thing I hear around this blog.

Here are a few of my favorites:

"I only hope Snead and Fish took notice and are completely honest with themselves. Bradford is a dinosaur and not a very good one Johnny football is needed ASAP u want to prove how smart you are Les find a way to trade Bradford to Oakland or Jacksonville , and if you have trouble doing that it's still good news because. It's a wakeup call that he's not as valuable as the organization thinks"

"The Rams aren't jumping over the Seahawks and 49er's anytime soon not with the 4th worst QB in a four team division."

"Good points but it seems to be clear that the day of the strictly pocket passer QB's is going fast by the wayside. Wilson and Kapernick are so mobile and this propelled them into the playoffs. Bradford is a pocket passer and this needs to be addressed too. Yes you need a strong defense as we witnessed in the Super Bowl but you must score points too and this is something the Rams have struggled with."

"Exactly Adam, that is why I feel that they should take a serious look at Manziel with their first pick. Manning was only sacked once, but he had nowhere to plant his feet and drive the ball downfield. The result was a lot of 8 yard passes forced into tight coverage with virtually little hope of delivering an on-target deep ball. Coming off significant knee surgery I fear Bradford is a sitting duck for Seattle, SF, and even AZ defenses next year. Draft Manziel!"

Okay you can read those anyway you want to. I personally don’t feel Bradford is the worst QB in the division, and I certainly don’t think pocket passers are going away anytime soon. Manning got picked off because his O-line couldn’t stop the Hawks. We know we’ve had similar problems from time to time.

Bradford has grown up running for his life and compared to what Manning did, shown me is capable enough to get the job done. When our line was functioning like it’s supposed to, he did pretty damn well against some of the best pressure in the league without being a scrambler.

So my take-a ways are:

Draft big honking linemen to protect Sam

Draft the best DB’s you can find

We can close the gap with just those two things being accomplished. We don’t need a big time WR, but hey if we got the picks left over go for it. I’d rather build the O-line and secondary first, and the rest is good enough to get the job done.

So have at it and tell me what y’all think about that. I know you will anyway... but I thought I’d be polite and ask.

Thanks for reading!


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